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It's April Stools Day. What will you doo?

It's April Fools' Day--or April Stools day, and the Lake Champlain Committee is encouraging people to pick up dog doo, no joke.

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Sarah Harris
Reporter and Producer

When a press release with the words "April Stools Day" arrives in my inbox, I know I have to take a closer look.

The press release is full of dog-poo related puns. But the mission is serious: cleaning up area trails and paths so that dog poo doesn't wash into Lake Champlain.

"We were just focused on April Fools' Day - April Stools Day, as we call it - and encourage everybody to get outside with gloves and a plastic bag and wander along their favorite recreation paths and walking trails and pick up the dog doo," says Lori Fisher, director of the Lake Champlain Committee.

She can't help but make a few poo-related puns during our interview. But she says that dog doo actually is an environmental problem.

 "It's not a good thing for our waterways, a lot of people think oh, it's natural. It's not a good thing for people, it's not a good thing for your lawns either."

Fisher says nutrients and bacteria can run off into the lake, and contribute to weeds, algae blooms, and beach closures.

Which leads me to another question.

"Are people taking your initiative seriously given its of its name?" I ask.

 Laurie replies with a laugh--and another pun.

"I don't know! We do get some positive feedback on this, it's very . . . doo-able. It's another way to just raise awareness of the need for everybody to pitch in and do our part."

So, North Country, if you're out with dogs today, take a second, and think about what to do with that doo.

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