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The view from the Loon Lake golf course. Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise - Lou Reuter
The view from the Loon Lake golf course. Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise - Lou Reuter

Another big Adirondack real estate development?

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Adirondack Park Agency officials have been meeting with a company looking to develop a large resort around Loon Lake, in Franklin County. Loon Gulf Inc. owns 2,800 acres, including the former Loon Lake Golf Course, which closed 10 years ago.
At this point, though, the company's representatives say they're just testing the waters at this point and have no immediate plans for the property.

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This building, which is currently a residence, was one of three clubhouses used at the Loon Lake Golf Course, which was last open during the 2003 season. Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise - Lou Reuter<br />

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Reported by

Chris Knight
Adirondack Correspondent

In late March, representatives of Loon Gulf submitted a conceptual plan for the Loon Lake Golf Club and Resort to the APA. It calls for subdividing 2,800 acres around the lake into 160 residential lots and reopening the golf course.

Thursday, a consultant who works for the company, Richard Radice, said the plan described in those documents is an old one that isn’t actually in the works."They’re just curious to what we can do,” he said. “The APA has its own restrictions, so we're just trying to understand what we'd be capable of doing. We have no immediate plans to do anything."

Radice did say Loon Gulf is interested in getting the former golf course back up and running. 

Town of Franklin Supervisor Art Willman said he wasn't aware of anything the company is planning.  Willman said he expects many of the seasonal residents of the Loon Lake area might be concerned if  Loon Gulf were to develop its property. He said he would “welcome development that's well done” and follows the APA’s guidelines. 

Willman noted that it would take "serious rehabilitation" to reopen the golf course, which was closed by Loon Gulf in 2003 for financial reasons and is now overgrown.

If Loon Gulf does follow through with a proposal, it wouldn’t be the first time a large development has been considered in the Loon Lake area. Loon Lake Estates, which involved 900 plus housing units on 3,500 acres, was the first project the APA reviewed when it was created in the early 1970s. It was approved with a long list of conditions and restrictions, but it never moved forward.


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