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A Quebec "snowbird" in Pompano Beach, FL. Photo: <a href="">John Spade</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.
A Quebec "snowbird" in Pompano Beach, FL. Photo: John Spade, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Schumer proposes retiree visa for Canadian "snowbirds"

Canadian retirees would be able to spend more time in the United States under a proposal from Sen. Charles Schumer.

Schumer wants to create a 'Canadian Retiree Visa' that would allow Canadians to spend eight months in the U.S., rather than the current six months.

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Millions of  so-called "Canadian Snowbirds" spend winters in the U.S. That maxes out the time they’re allowed to spend in the States.

Schumer says, "if they stay their maximum amount of time in Florida in the winter, they can't cross the border to come for the weekend and drink the wines and shop in the stores and do all the nice things here.”

He says the extended visas would be a "shot in the arm" for the upstate New York economy.

The proposal is part of the immigration bill currently being debated in Congress.

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