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"Voice of the people," part of motto over entrance to Milwaukee County Courthouse. Photo: <a href="">Eric Allix Rogers</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
"Voice of the people," part of motto over entrance to Milwaukee County Courthouse. Photo: Eric Allix Rogers, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Listen: Ogdensburg reflects on the shutdown

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WASHINGTON (AP) People classified as essential government employees will continue to work but much of the federal government is shut down this morning in a budget impasse over the health care overhaul. In New York, the shutdown will idle thousands of workers -- including many at IRS and Army Corps of Engineers offices.

NCPR sent Zach Hirsch to the streets of Ogdensburg yesterday to gauge public opinion there on the impasse and the shutdown.

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Zach Hirsch
Reporter and Producer

WW: My name is Wayne Washburn. I build silos for a living. I think that this government shutdown, I think what it says is it’s dysfunctional. The government’s dysfunctional. That they’re really looking out for their own personal interest, and their party. And that they’re not looking out for what they were elected to do, for the people.

JP: If everyone would start voting all incumbents out, and when they vote, vote somebody new in, we’d have a change of government, and maybe we’d get a little bit of something done. Judy Porter, and I’m actually visiting here from Atlanta, Georgia.

AS: Hi, my name’s Alisha Smith. I follow CNN quite a bit, and I read about it, but I get so - personal opinion - I get so frustrated with all the Obama stuff that I don’t even like to read it anymore, honestly. He’s making these choices and the only people that suffer are, us. Everybody. And I don’t see anything improving, I just see another thing going on to the list of down the drain!

KD:Hello, my name is Kris Durant.

ZH: If you were in congress, would you demand that Obamacare be taken away?

KD: Yeah, absolutely. I just, I don’t feel that it’s going to work, honestly, in the long run.

ZH: Would you say it’s worth it to delay a spending bill?

KD: See, that, I don’t know. It’s a double-edged sword I guess.

JM: Well, my name’s John Mitten. I’m from Canada, but I still worry about it. Last year, wasn’t there the same problem? I kind of look at what my investments are doing, and when you see a country like the U.S. looking at shutting down the, the - just because of money problems, that has an impact on the whole world, really. So. It’s very disappointing, though.

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