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Grytviken, South Georgia Island. Photo: <a href=",_Island_of_South_Georgia,_United_Kingdom.jpg">Lexaxis7</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Grytviken, South Georgia Island. Photo: Lexaxis7, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

New Year's Eve in the loneliest time zone

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2014 begins at 00:00 AM January first local time. Here in Canton, NY that will occur 5 hours after it does in Great Britain, home of Greenwich Mean Time (which is now called UTC, Universal Coordinated Time).

Other places have different UTC offsets, Chicago is UTC-6, Japan UTC+9 etc. But what about UTC-2?

UTC-2 is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and at its very southern end lies South Georgia Island, the only inhabited place in the zone! It's located just 1,400 miles from Argentina (which claims the Island as well as Great Britain) and 1,000 from Antarctica.

Confirming this wasn't easy. I found only three phone numbers listed for the Island (it has a population of 28). One for the whaling museum in Grytkiven and two for the Government offices on nearby King Edward Point.

I spoke with Tom Brannon via Skype to see what life is like on New Year's Eve in UTC-2.

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