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Remington director Laura Foster with the museum's 1898 wash drawing, <i>The 9th cavalry colored troops on washing duty in the Gulf</i>.   Photo:  Todd Moe
Remington director Laura Foster with the museum's 1898 wash drawing, The 9th cavalry colored troops on washing duty in the Gulf. Photo: Todd Moe

Remington Art Museum's newest treasure: 1890's wash drawing

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The Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg recently added a new piece to its permanent collection. The Remington Museum is home to many of the 19th century artist's best-known bronze sculptures and oil paintings.

On display in the Addie Priest Newell Gallery is an 1898 original wash drawing by Remington. Museum director Laura Foster gave Todd Moe a tour of the newest acquisition.

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Todd Moe
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The wash drawing is titled “Ninth Calvary Colored Troops on Washing Duty in the Gulf.” Typically, Remington titles are a mouthful, because they reflect the line of text in an article that is being illustrated by the image. It’s a beautiful, masterful drawing showing Remington at his peak skill as an illustrator. He loved using the American Military as a subject up until a couple months after this was painted.

His father was a volunteer in the Civil War and Remington went to a military style boarding school. He made friends in 1885 in Arizona with the African American "Buffalo soldiers," where he rode with them on their search for Geronimo.

He did other scenes very much like this--more though in the sand, than in the water. He did genre scenes with haircuts and campfires and all the things that soldiers do that are not glamorous warfare and drills.

This scene shows these lovely soldiers in the gulf having a bath and doing their laundry at the same time. Remington was crazy about gear as well as the work and the physical soldierly attitude, and so he has strewn in the foreground these fantastic, classic Remington cavalry boots. There’s a pair of trousers nearly extended on the sand to the water’s edge, and some shirts as well.

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