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Snowmobile Crossing. Photo: <a href="">amsd2dsh</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Snowmobile Crossing. Photo: amsd2dsh, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

A tough winter, even for snowmobile clubs

It's been a tough winter, with lots of cold weather in the North Country but not much snow, especially in January and February. That makes for a very tough season for businesses in the region that rely on winter sports, especially snowmobiling.

Dom Jacangelo, head of the New York State Snowmobile Association, was in the Adirondacks over the weekend. He says that trail conditions have been poor for many sledding clubs.

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Brian Mann
Adirondack Bureau Chief

"Snow has been very spotty this year. One of the problems that we've had is that we've had a couple of good dumps of snow, and then it's rained. So it kind of turns a lot of people off.

"Overall, across the state, it's been a pretty average year. Some of the areas that would traditionally get good snow, like where we are here, I think they're down in terms of total snowfall. Tug Hill has done very well. Their trails are open. I think they're anticipating staying open until mid-April with the amount of snow that they've had. I heard a prediction of maybe one more major snowfall."

Jacangelo says he'd like to see one more big snowfall. "You bet we want that one more. Total registrations are down a bit and total membership is down a little bit, so we're hoping for that one more snowfall. And then April? Let it be 80 degrees."

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