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SLU junior David Smith is an Environmental Studies major and organizer of NC350.
SLU junior David Smith is an Environmental Studies major and organizer of NC350.

"Do One Thing" to help the planet, says Canton environmentalist

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A St. Lawrence University student is hoping everyone does something on Earth Day tomorrow to help the planet. David Smith is junior at SLU and also organizer for NC350, a local chapter of, an international organization addressing global climate change.

NC350 includes community members and students from across the North Country working to promote environmental and social justice in the region. Todd Moe spoke with Smith about Earth Day and the "Do One Thing" campaign.

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Todd Moe
Morning Host and Producer

David Smith: Climate change is a large issue but people shouldn’t feel so overwhelmed that they can’t do anything. We can do everything here in the local community, there’s so many things, people should feel empowered. It’s simple just to do maybe one or two things on Earth Day, for example, rather than going to buy a plastic water bottle from campus during the day, use a reusable water bottle. That cuts down on the plastic, it cuts down on the fossil fuels used to make that water bottle readily available for you.

Or try and eat more locally, try to go meatless, [try not to] eat meat on Earth Day because out west there is a huge drought going on and so meat prices are actually being driven up due to the climate-related issues. So if we [eat] lower down on the food chain you could theoretically reduce your carbon footprint, or if you try to eat more locally you can try to reduce your carbon footprint.

Other common activities you could do is plant a tree, planting a tree is an easy activity to go out and do with your friends and family, it’s an easy activity... It’s pretty cool to get out in the middle of the day and see that tree grow over the course of a couple years.

Todd Moe: What you’re saying is, you don’t have to do it all, but if everybody does one thing on one day it can make a difference.

DS: It can make a difference and we are trying to share with the North Country community that just doing one simple little thing could be so easy that you may be able to incorporate that into your daily life after Earth Day. We are trying to show the North Country community we can just do one thing on Earth Day but it’s going to take more than just one day of action so hopefully people will to be able to see how easy it is to be sustainable and reduce their foot print by doing an easy activity like that.

TM: Ride a bicycle?

DS: Ride a bicycle, carpool to work, walk to work, yeah.

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