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Third grader Ty Lester is serious about dodgeball. Photo: Sarah Harris
Third grader Ty Lester is serious about dodgeball. Photo: Sarah Harris

Inside School: 5th graders organize sports day, raise money

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North Country schools have their budgets set for the coming year. Canton Central School District managed to keep the tax levy low and not make any job cuts by relying heavily on its fund balance. But Superintendent Bill Gregory says the fund balance is running low, and there's nothing left to cut. He says next year, unless school funding changes, the district will face damaging reductions in program and staff.

A group of 5th graders from Canton Central School decided to raise money to help fund the programs they love. They organized an after school sports day for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders and raised over $100.

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Sarah Harris
Reporter and Producer

Adult: "Who likes dodgeball?" <br />Kids: "Meeeee!" Photo: Sarah Harris
Adult: "Who likes dodgeball?"
Kids: "Meeeee!" Photo: Sarah Harris
On a rainy Tuesday after school, 2nd grader Shea Tredo is hula hooping like a maniac: "because it's fuuuun," he says.

This afternoon, kids are amped up and in constant motion. It's a special after school sports day organized by students.

"We have hula hooping and jump roping, we have soccer, we have dodgeball," explains 5th grader Grace O'Neill, one of the organizers. She and a group of friends knew that Canton Central School needed money to keep its athletic program and extracurriculars.

Fifth grader Sarah Wells says they wanted to figure out a way to help. They thought it would be fun to run a sports camp. So they met with the principal, and decided to plan a special afternoon sports fundraiser for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders.

"Our school doesn't have a lot of money right now, I think they're down some," Wells explained, "so we're deciding to raise some and hopefully it'll get better."

The 5th graders guessed they'd have about 25 kids show up. Instead they had over 130.

A group of fifth graders organized the afternoon. Photo: Sarah Harris
A group of fifth graders organized the afternoon. Photo: Sarah Harris
The kids are rotating between activities:

"You do one thing for 15 minutes, and another thing for 15 minutes, then another thing for 15 minutes!" third grader Ty Lester explains.

He's working up a sweat playing beaning other kids with balls.

"We're playing dodgeball and it's wicked fun. You get to destroy people."

The fifth graders raised about $100 this afternoon. The money will go to the Golden Bear Fund, and will be earmarked for sports.

5h grader Colin Taylor is busy dividing littler kids into soccer teams and helping them on with their jerseys. He says he and his friends wanted to give back.

"It feels awesome, doing this for the school," he said.

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