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The New York State Department of Education. Photo: <a href="">Mike Wren</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
The New York State Department of Education. Photo: Mike Wren, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Cuomo: no deal of teacher evaluation standards

Governor Andrew Cuomo says no deal has been reached yet that would separate teacher evaluations in public schools from new Common Core education standards.

Speaking yesterday on the public radio program Capitol Pressroom, Cuomo told host Susan Arbetter that he thinks a new evaluation system is needed. But with the legislative session in Albany near its end, no deal has been reached.

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Gov. Cuomo: The question on the table now is the Common Core’s relevance for the teacher evaluation process. And that is what we’re working through. We do not have an agreement on that yet, we are still talking, but we do not have an agreement.

Susan Arbetter: What's the kernel of the difference? What’s the problem?

Gov. Cuomo: The problem—let me give you the good news—you actualy raised at one interview, you said "Well, isn’t there a logical nexus? If there was a problem with common core and students, isn’t there a problem with common core and teacher evaluation?" And the short answer is "yes." You didn’t use the word problem, but I was just making a point. So yes, I think it should be taken into consideration because you want a fair, objective teacher evaluation. How you do that, that’s where the devil is in the details. We are at the devil-in-the-details point on teacher evaluation. And we are at language with teacher evaluation.

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