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Enjoying a concert at the Ottawa Jazz Festival in 2010. Photo: <a href="">Byan Hughes</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Enjoying a concert at the Ottawa Jazz Festival in 2010. Photo: Byan Hughes, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Ottawa Jazz Fest: NCPR will have boots on the ground

The TD Ottawa Jazz Festival runs June 20 through July 1 in downtown Ottawa. Joel Hurd, host of The Bridge, will be posting photos and updates on NCPR's facebook page as well as on his show's Twitter feed (@thebridgeonncpr).

He chatted about the festival with Todd Moe.

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Todd Moe
Morning Host and Producer


Todd Moe: The TD Ottawa Jazz Festival begins tonight and runs through Canada Day through several locations at downtown Ottawa. Joel Hurd is host of The Bridge, one of our locally-hosted Saturday night Jazz programs. He’ll be attending the festival, tweeting and blogging from Confederation Park. He joins me this morning to tell us more about it. Joel, you are very excited.

Joel Hurd: I am very excited, Todd. This is the most exciting 12 days of my whole year. This is great!

TM: So, how does this work? Is it jazz and non-jazz?

JH: Yes, most jazz festivals now, these days, they mix things up. So there are a lot of great jazz artists happening at the festival, but you also have people like Earth, Wind, and Fire and Aretha Franklin and Steve Martin will be there with his Steep Canyon Rangers.

All jazz festival organizes sort of freely admit that they do a mix to kind of get people in the door. Some people will just show up just to see Aretha Franklin, but they’ll also get to hear some great jazz while they’re in Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa. So it’s a great mix, but I have to say, all of the non-jazz acts that they bring in are folks that jazz lovers like me would want to see, anyhow. So it really works great.

TM: I have tickets to Aretha, so I’ll be there. So, you’re going to be, what, tweeting and blogging? How can listeners keep connected to the festival?

JH: Well, this is my third year going, and the folks at the festival are kind enough to give me a press pass, so I get to bring my camera and take some pictures and blog from there. And we have Wi-Fi access in the media area, so I can take a picture of Aretha Franklin and tweet it out within minutes. It’s really kind of cool.

I’ll be doing some blog posts at the All In blog, and also, I’ll be tweeting. My show, The Bridge, has a Twitter account now, and it’s the most uncomfortable, hard to say Twitter handle there is; its @thebridgeonncpr. So that’s how folks can follow me on Twitter.

TM: And we should also mention the emphasis on Canadian musicians at this jazz fest.

JH: Yes, there is a big emphasis on Canadian musicians. In fact, every night in Confederation Park, at the big main stage, the first act every night at 6 or 6:30 is a Canadian act—are Canadian musicians. And also, they have a great stage set up right in front of City Hall, which is just across the street from Confederation Park. Normally that venue has just been used for late night concerts, but now they’re doing a lot of extra Canadian musicians at that venue. A lot of the concerts are even free throughout the week. So a big emphasis on Canadian musicians, and there are some fabulous musicians in Canada.

TM: Have fun.

JH: Thanks, It’s gonna be great. Remember: @thebridgeonncpr.

TM: Excellent. Joel Hurd, attending the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

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