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Starting a chainsaw bear sculpture. Photo: <a href="">Eric Kilby</a>, Creative COmmons, some rights reserved
Starting a chainsaw bear sculpture. Photo: Eric Kilby, Creative COmmons, some rights reserved

A man, a plan, a log, a chainsaw: bear sculptures

SALISBURY, N.Y. (AP) Rembrandt worked in oils. Michelangelo carved marble. Mark Tyoe chainsaws big tree trunks.

Tyoe carves soaring eagles, grizzled mountain men and wolves from white pine. But he mostly carves bears, his specialty. Tyoe earns a living turning big logs into improbably fluid sculptures at his home just south of the Adirondack Mountains with nothing more than buzzing chainsaws.

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His chainsaws are not much different from the ones used by weekend warriors. They're stripped down to cut down on weight, and the metal bar the chain whizzes around comes to a rounded point to accommodate detailed carving.

Tyoe can turn out hundreds of thigh-high bear statues a year that sell for $225 and up. He doesn't even need to plan them out. Larger, commissioned pieces of whole woodland scenes can sell for around $3,500.

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