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Temple Grandin, Thinking in Pictures (partial audio due to technical error)

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Oliver Sacks recognized Temple Grandin's uniqueness in an essay whose title "An Anthropologist on Mars" captures the strangeness of the relationship of a person with Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism) with others. Grandin offers an interior view of this relationship, and what a rich interior this is. Grandin explains that language is too abstract a system for her. To use language she must first convert words into pictures. Conversations become full-length movies. Although her ability to think in pictures creates an impassable gulf between herself and others, it is an extraordinary fount of creativity. Grandin holds a Ph.D in Animal Science and she is a designer of humane slaughterhouses for cattle. Her special brand of thinking enables her to see how cattle think and then to create entire sets of blueprints in her head. One reviewer praised Thinking in Pictures this way: "It provides a way to understand the many kinds of sentience, human and animal, that adorn the earth."

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