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Bait shop owner skeptical of fish virus rules

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New regulations on bait have some anglers fuming. State officials are trying to stop the spread of viral hemorrhagic septicemia. The virus is linked to major fish kills in the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Bait can no longer be transported over land. So fishermen have to buy bait where they plan to fish. And the bait has to be certified, which makes it more expensive. The people who sell bait aren't very happy either. Bill Kellogg is co-owner of Bill and Jack's Marina in Fishers Landing. The Thousand Islands town sits on a spit of land jutting into the St. Lawrence River. Kellogg says it costs his supplier $2,000 to test for the fish virus, a cost he has to pass on to customers. But, as he tells Jonathan Brown, that's just the beginning.

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