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Amphibious "Duck" (DUKW) carrying supplies and U.S. troops in 1944. Photo: U.K. <a href="">Imperial War Museum</a>
Amphibious "Duck" (DUKW) carrying supplies and U.S. troops in 1944. Photo: U.K. Imperial War Museum

Discovery of 10th Mountain "duck," and hopes for closure

Divers in Italy have found what may be the wreckage of a 10th Mountain Division vehicle from World War 2 at the bottom of a lake. A so-called "duck" vehicle sank near the end of the war, killing two dozen soldiers aboard.

The discovery was made possible, in part, by a group with ties to Fort Drum, where the 10th Mountain Division is now based. And it's creating hope among the missing GI's families. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Don't let their personal life interfere with their work life, then I have no problem with nothing. As long as they get the job done.

Fort Drum wrestles with end of Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama is expected to sign the measure repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell tomorrow. The Senate voted to end the 17 year-old policy barring gays or lesbians from military service.

The policy shift is a big victory for gay rights. Polls show it has the support of a significant majority of Americans. Still, many people around Fort Drum were struggling with the new reality yesterday. David Sommerstein went to Watertown's Salmon Run Mall to sample opinion and filed this report.  Go to full article
<em>NY Times</em> correspondent Jim Dao
NY Times correspondent Jim Dao

Fort Drum troops have key role in Afghanistan surge

4,500 soldiers with Fort Drum's 1st Brigade are in the process of shipping out to Afghanistan. They'll be stationed in the northern part of the country for a year. They'll train Afghan police and soldiers and work with local governments. The 10th Mountain Division's 1st Brigade is a key part of President Obama's surge of 30,000 additional troops.

New York Times military correspondent Jim Dao is embedding with the brigade's 1-87th battalion. He spoke with David Sommerstein from Fort Drum a couple days before the unit deployed. He says the unit represents a new mission in Afghanistan.  Go to full article

Drum Troops Reinforce Baghdad

Since the bombing of a famous shrine in Samarra, Iraq, in Februrary, sectarian violence in the country has skyrocketed. As a response, the US military dispatched several thousand Iraqi and American soldiers into Baghdad as reinforcements. One of the units pulled into the capital was the 1st Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division. The brigade is based at Fort Drum near Watertown and has been in Iraq since last August. Its 3500 soldiers are expected to return later this summer. Before the shrine bombing, many of the brigade's units had been stationed in rural areas outside the city. Freelance reporter Ben Gilbert was embedded with some of them, and has this report on the transition to Baghdad.  Go to full article
Freed hostage Bernard Planche
Freed hostage Bernard Planche

Drum Soldiers Find Escaped French Hostage

Soldiers from Fort Drum near Watertown were involved in the escape of a French engineer held captive in Iraq. Bernard Planche was kidnapped in Baghdad on December 5th. Planche fled from his captors Saturday. He approached members of the 10th Mountain Division who were conducting a checkpoint. Freelance journalist Bill Putnam is embedded with the 10th Mountain's 1st Brigade Combat Team in Iraq and sent us this story.  Go to full article

10th Mtn. Trains To Stay Sharp

The army's light infantry at Fort Drum is wrapping up two weeks of intensive combat readiness training, called Mountain Peak. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Colonel Assesses Fort Drum Training

David Sommerstein talks with Colonel Byron Bagby, currently Fort Drum's second-in-command, about the Mountain Peak training exercises and lessons learned from combat in Afghanistan.  Go to full article

Tenth Mountain Division Troops Posted in Northern Afghanistan

Infantry from the Army's Tenth Mountain Division crossed from Uzbekistan into northern Afghanistan yesterday to serve as a quick reaction force in case of renewed Taliban resistance around the city of Mazar-i-Sharif.  Go to full article

Strategist Explains Tenth Mountain Division's Role in Uzbekistan

About a thousand soldiers from Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division are just north of Afghanistan in the former soviet state of Uzbekistan. David Sommerstein spoke with Michael O'Hanlon, a specialist in military strategy and senior fellow at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, to learn more about the troops' possible role. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Sen. Clinton Talks With Ft. Drum Families

Senator Hillary Clinton returned to Fort Drum near Watertown Saturday. She scheduled the extra trip especially to show her gratitude for soldiers and their families in the wake of September 11. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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