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Paul Maroun, Franklin County legislator
Paul Maroun, Franklin County legislator

Angered by 23rd District loss, Maroun may challenge Duprey

Political fall-out continues from this week's 23rd district congressional race. Democrat Bill Owens won, in part because of a simmering feud between conservative acvitists and Republican Party candidate Dede Scozzafava. Scozzafava dropped out of the race and endorsed Owens, instead of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. In the wake of that contest, it appears that more rifts are emerging within the GOP. Franklin County legislator Paul Maroun says he might challenge one of Scozzafava's strongest supporters in next year's Assembly race. Maroun is from Tupper Lake, describes himself as a conservative Republican. He's pro-life and opposes same-sex marriage. He says Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, who represents the 114th district, angered many Republicans when she failed to back Doug Hoffman.  Go to full article
Assemblywoman Janet Duprey (R-Peru)
Assemblywoman Janet Duprey (R-Peru)

Duprey says moderates must have a place within the GOP

Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, who lives in the town of Peru, was a staunch supporter of Republican congressional candidate Dede Scozzafava. The two women share a number of maverick views that clash with their party leadership, including their support for a woman's right to choose and gay marriage. In the days since Tuesday's election Duprey says her office has been barraged with angry emails, including some that threaten her with physical violence. She sat down yesterday to talk with Brian Mann about the future of the North Country's Republican Party.  Go to full article

State Democrats Spend Big For 114th Assembly Race

Democrats in Albany are pouring big campaign money into a north country assembly race. According to the Plattsburgh Press Republican newspaper, Challenger Bernie Bassett has received more than 190 thousand dollars in support from the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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