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Queensbury town supervisor Dan Stec during a visit to Keene this week (Source: NYS Governor's office)
Queensbury town supervisor Dan Stec during a visit to Keene this week (Source: NYS Governor's office)

Queensbury supervisor Stec makes case for 114th Assembly seat

The race to fill Teresa Sayward's Assembly seat has narrowed to just two candidates, former Glens Falls Mayor Robert Regan and Queensbury supervisor Dan Stec, both Republicans.

Stec has taken an early lead in the contest for the 114th District, building a strong list of endorsements, including the nod from Sayward and from most Republican and Conservative Party leaders.

Stec spoke this week with Brian Mann about the challenges he will face if elected, representing a district that now stretches from Glens Falls to Saranac Lake. Stec says his experience in local
government gives him a head-start on understanding the issues.

Editor's Note: In the days ahead, we will speak with the other Republican candidate in the race,
former Glens Falls Mayor Robert Regan. So far, Democrats haven't found a candidate to run for the seat.  Go to full article

Republican of A Different Stripe: 114th District Maverick Bill King

Chris Ortloff and Andy Abdallah aren't the only Republicans fighting for the 114th Assembly seat. Also on the GOP ballot tomorrow will be Tupper Lake businessman Bill King. King is fiercely conservative - a pro-life member of the John Birch Society, who served on Tupper Lake's school board. Through the summer, his campaign has been largely invisible. Talking with Brian Mann, King says his ideas should be heard by voters.  Go to full article

Democrat Drops Out: Party's Big Chance Fizzles In North Country

A top North Country Democrat says he's dropping out of the race for the 114th Assembly District. Cliff Donaldson--currently the Essex County Manager--says he was forced by Federal law to end his bid. As Brian Mann reports, Democrats' hopes for this election season have fizzled.  Go to full article

114th Assembly District Race Is On: Abdallah Will Challenge Ortloff

Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Andrew Abdullah toured the North Country on Tuesday, to announce that he'll challenge Chris Ortloff for the assembly seat in the 114th District. As Brian Mann reports, the primary race reflects deep divisions in the region's Republican party.
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