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State reopens two roads for ATV riders in Jefferson, Oswego Counties

New York state is reopening two roads for all-terrain vehicle traffic, including a route in Jefferson County. The move will help re-establish a popular 4-wheeler trail system. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Town of Horicon Loses ATV Fight

ATV riders suffered another setback this week in the Adirondacks. A state supreme court judge ruled Tuesday that the Warren County town of Horicon can't allow 4-wheeler traffic on roads that pass through the forest preserve. The town had been sued by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article
Carolyn Anderson (Source: C. Anderson)
Carolyn Anderson (Source: C. Anderson)

A Child, a 4-Wheeler and a Deadly Accident

There's a national debate underway over the best ways to prevent children from riding adult-sized ATVs. All sides agree on one thing. Kids under the age of sixteen should never ride full-powered 4-wheelers. After her son James died in 2004 Carolyn Anderson began working to educate parents about the dangers of the sport. She launched a website and began working with safety advocates around the country. Carolyn's commentary about her family's experience was produced by Brian Mann.  Go to full article

ATV Deaths, Injuries Trigger Federal Rules Probe

A Federal agency says all-terrain vehicles are causing too many deaths and serious injuries in the U.S. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a report this month that found more than 136,000 serious injuries in 2004 alone. New York state ranks in the top five for ATV accidents. Safety experts say children account for nearly a third of the deaths and injuries on 4-wheelers. As Brian Mann reports, critics say manufacturers need to improve safety guidelines and keep kids from riding adult-sized machines.  Go to full article

DEC Plans First "ATV Road" In Adirondack Park

State officials say they hope to build a 12-mile ATV trail in Franklin county. The route would be the first of its kind inside the Adirondack Park. The road would connect the Blue Mountain Road to Rt. 458 in Franklin County. 4-wheeler advocates say they hope the backcountry trail will be the first leg of a regional recreation system. As Brian Mann reports, environmentalists worry that parts of the road will cross state forest land.  Go to full article

Bush Administration Considers New ATV Safety Regs

A top Federal regulator is considering more government safety restrictions on all-terrain vehicles. The move comes at a time when the north country has seen a rash of 4-wheeler deaths and injuries. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article
ATV Trail Damage (Source:  Wildlife Conservation Society)
ATV Trail Damage (Source: Wildlife Conservation Society)

ATV Riders Trespass, Some Call it Civil Disobedience

The DEC is still taking public comment on a proposed policy that would effectively ban all-terrain vehicles from the Adirondack forest preserve. The deadline is May 27. State vehicle and traffic law already prohibits the use of 4-wheelers on most roads in the north country. But with ATV sales booming, riders trespass regularly on public and private land. They also use roadways where 4-wheelers are illegal. Many enthusiasts say they'll continue to take their machines into posted areas, regardless of state law. Critics describe the sport as lawless. But as Brian Mann reports, some ATV riders see trespassing as an act of civil disobedience.

NOTE: This story includes language which some listeners may find harsh or inappropriate.  Go to full article

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