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[The 63rd seat] will be in the State of New York. It will be not on the Island.

Primary date, 63rd district location still up in the air

The dates for primary elections in 2012 remain up in the air, with Democrats wanting a June date and Republicans preferring August, as they await a federal court ruling. Meanwhile, Senate Leader Dean Skelos dropped another hint about new district maps that state lawmakers will soon release. He says the newly created 63rd district will not be in his home region of Long Island.  Go to full article
This was done in the darkness of night...Our only hope is for the governor of the State of New York to veto the lines.

Redistricting heats up over "secret" 63rd seat

Things got a little heated yesterday at a meeting of a legislative task force on redrawing new district lines--The Senate Democrat's representative complained he'd been left in the dark about the creation of 63rd Senate district by Republicans.

Senator Martin Dilan condemned parts of the process so far as a "farce" and "waste of money." In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details.  Go to full article

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