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Doug Hoffman (L) and Matt Doheny (R) talk briefly before their second and final debate in Saranac Lake (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Doug Hoffman (L) and Matt Doheny (R) talk briefly before their second and final debate in Saranac Lake (Photo: Brian Mann)

NY-23: Republicans promise conservative philosophy, but offer few specifics

In their final debate last night, Republicans Matt Doheny and Doug Hoffman both claimed to be the true conservative running for congress in the 23rd district.

The two men, who hope to unseat Democrat Bill Owens, promised to shrink big government and cut taxes.  Go to full article
The Diocese of Ogdensburg held its annual Good Friday vigil in Plattsburgh (Photo:  Brian Mann)
The Diocese of Ogdensburg held its annual Good Friday vigil in Plattsburgh (Photo: Brian Mann)

Reporter's Notebook: In Plattsburgh, wrestling with the moralities of abortion and choice

On Friday, roughly 200 Roman Catholic protestors held a vigil outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Plattsburgh. They prayed for an end to legal abortion in America. They were met by some 60 pro-choice demonstrators. The supporters of Planned Parenthood called for the protection of full reproductive rights for women. The confrontation was peaceful, even dignified. The Good Friday vigil has been a tradition for 14 years. But abortion represents one of the deepest fault-lines in American society, with the two sides embracing starkly different moral visions. Brian Mann attended Friday's vigil and he sent this reporter's notebook.  Go to full article

Spitzer vows to strengthen reproductive rights

Governor Spitzer, speaking before a group of family planning advocates, says America stands at the "cusp of losing" the rights upheld in the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade. Spitzer says he's already taking steps to strengthen New York's laws regarding reproductive rights. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Conservative John Faso's win flummoxed some GOP leaders (Source:  Marquil)
Conservative John Faso's win flummoxed some GOP leaders (Source: Marquil)

North Country GOP Leader Ellis Backs Faso

Republicans face a potentially bruising primary in the race to replace Governor George Pataki. Last week, former upstate assemblyman John Faso won the GOP endorsement, with backing from most Republican officials in the North Country. But some party leaders -- including Pataki and state party chair Stephen Minarik -- are still backing Bill Weld. Weld has also drawn support from Plattsburgh assemblyman Chris Ortloff and Sandy Treadwell, the former state party chair from Essex. Some top Republicans worry that Faso's conservative social views could alienate New York voters. Brian Mann spoke with Jim Ellis from Tupper Lake, chair of the Republican committee in Franklin County and a state vice chairman. Ellis says the focus during the primary should be on John Faso's economic policies and not issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.  Go to full article

Abortion Issue Blocks Canton-Potsdam Hospital Deal

Officials at Canton-Potsdam Hospital have dropped plans to buy property owned by the Catholic Church because the Diocese of Ogdensburg wanted to ban abortions on the site. Hospital officials learned of the deed restriction on Sunday. Todd Moe has details.  Go to full article

Pataki Defends Pill Veto

Governor Pataki announced yesterday that he will veto a bill that would allow pharmacists and nurses to offer the so-called morning-after pill without a prescription.  Go to full article

Pro-choice Groups Attack Pataki's Stand on "Morning After" Pill

As Karen DeWott reports, pro-choice groups say they'll stick to their plan to run ads in key primary states branding Pataki as a flip-flopper.  Go to full article
Posters lines the National Mall
Posters lines the National Mall

Student Activism Alive and Well

If last Sunday's March for Women's Lives is any indication, student activism is alive and well. Throngs of college students with backpacks and homemade signs gathered in the National Mall in Washington DC. They came from as far away as Alaska and California to form a collective voice of concern about the future of reproductive rights in America. They also came from Potsdam. About 30 SUNY students left late Saturday night on a bus headed for the Capitol. Jody Tosti was along for the ride and has this story.  Go to full article

Gov't Puts Off Decision on Emergency Contraceptive

The Food and Drug Administration has put off a decision on whether to allow over the counter sales of an emergency contraception drug. Abortion rights groups say women should not have to wait, and are asking the State Senate to act on the matter. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Reproductive Rights Advocates to Rally in D.C.

This April, a million reproductive rights supporters, some from the North Country, are expected to gathering Washington, DC for the March for Freedom of Choice. But it won't be the only voice being heard. Anti-abortion groups will counteract with their message of life. Jody Tosti spoke with the heads of two groups who are on opposite sides of this controversial issue.  Go to full article

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