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News stories tagged with "activism"

Slacker activism: Slacktivism

Getting involved in a social or environment issue these days is as easy as clicking your mouse. Some people think grassroots activism is just changing its face as technology changes, but other people think this is just too easy. Rebecca Williams explores whether we're a nation of slack-tivists.  Go to full article
The Angel of Inerrancy, by Ted Cornell (Source:  Crooked Brook website)
The Angel of Inerrancy, by Ted Cornell (Source: Crooked Brook website)

Sculptor Ted Cornell reinvents self, North Country farm

If you drive down the back roads near Wadhams, in Essex County, you may come across an old farm that straddles Crooked Brook. In the place of corn and hay you'll find massive sculptures turning slowly in the wind. Piles of stone decorate the fields. This is the reinvented world of Ted Cornell, an artist and activist who made his home in the North Country fifteen years ago. Brian Mann visited Cornell's farm this autumn and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Heard up North: A local platform for national issues

There's been a trend now for the past few years - of local town councils considering referendums on national issues. Last week, town officials in Keene rejected a local resolution that would have raised objections to the Bush Administration's handling of civil liberties since 9/11. The White House says the measures - whihc include suspending the right of habewas corpus - are necessary to prevent terror attacks in the U.S. Local peace organizers may have lost this battle. But for one activist, the local forum has at least got her message heard.  Go to full article
Posters lines the National Mall
Posters lines the National Mall

Student Activism Alive and Well

If last Sunday's March for Women's Lives is any indication, student activism is alive and well. Throngs of college students with backpacks and homemade signs gathered in the National Mall in Washington DC. They came from as far away as Alaska and California to form a collective voice of concern about the future of reproductive rights in America. They also came from Potsdam. About 30 SUNY students left late Saturday night on a bus headed for the Capitol. Jody Tosti was along for the ride and has this story.  Go to full article
Anti-war marchers in Canton
Anti-war marchers in Canton

Voices from the Canton Peace March

Millions of people around the world protested against war in Iraq over the weekend. More than two hundred people marched in Canton Saturday under sunny skies and in frigid cold. They carried signs like "Pray For Peace," "Honk For Peace" and simply "No War On Iraq." David Sommerstein talked to participants and onlookers as the march wound its way up and down Main Street. Rally audio, photos and  Go to full article

No Peace Protest at Fort Drum

An Ithaca based peace group is putting off a planned demonstration outside the gates of Fort Drum near Watertown after consulting with a local group. David Sommerstein has more.  Go to full article

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