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<em>Short Carries</em> by Elizabeth Folwell
Short Carries by Elizabeth Folwell

Folwell chronicles her Adirondack life, one vignette at a time

For thirty-nine years, Adirondack Life magazine has chronicled the Park's history and culture. For half of that time, Betsy Folwell from Blue Mountain has been one of the magazine's leading writers and editors. Folwell's new collection of essays is called Short Carries. It offers a kind of public journal, written by one of the Adirondacks' keenest observers. Folwell, now creative director at Adirondack Life, sat down last week to talk with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Wanted: Tasty Apple Recipes

Adirondack Life magazine is looking for the region's best apple recipes. The apple cookoff follows an earlier call for maple recipes that drew scores of entries. Martha Foley talks with Adirondack Life editor-at-large Betsy Folwell about the apple recipe contest.  Go to full article

Book review: "Adirondack Tales"

In 1970, Adirondack Life magazine printed a book called Adirondack Tales: A Girl Grows Up in the Adirondacks in the 1880s. In it writer and painter Edna West Teall pays tribute to the 170-acre farm in Essex, NY where she spent her childhood. Adirondack Life has reprinted the book with a fresh introduction by author Christine Jerome. Jill Breit has this review.  Go to full article

Maple Mania - From Tree to Table

Martha Foley talks with Betsy Folwell, editor-at-large, about maple recipes from the latest issue of Adirondack Life magazine.  Go to full article

Joan Weill Adirondack Library Opens at Paul Smith's College with Reading by Publisher Tom Hughes

In the Adirondacks, the local library is often the most vital place in town. In many hamlets and villages, the library serves as a meeting place, a center for culture and community, as well as a place to borrow books. Those little libraries were joined by a major colleague this week, as Paul Smiths College opened its new Joan Weill Adirondack Library. At a ceremony to mark the opening, writer Tom Hughes read an essay about his own love for books. Hughes now publishes Adirondack Life magazine, but he says his romance with literature and libraries bloomed late in life.  Go to full article

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