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WW II-era barracks being demolished to make way for new housing. Photo: Army Corps of Engineers
WW II-era barracks being demolished to make way for new housing. Photo: Army Corps of Engineers

Ft. Drum housing crunch requires public investment

The buildup of Fort Drum near Watertown has made Jefferson County one of the fastest growing places in Upstate New York. But it's also created a shortage of rental houses for military families and for civilians.

The problem hasn't come to a head yet because soldiers are constantly rotating in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. But as the U.S. draws down troop presence in the Middle East, the military population around Fort Drum is expected to swell.

Officials have been leading a public-private effort to build more housing for years. Joanna Richards reports now is crunch time.  Go to full article
The houses that could set a legal precedent for Adk farmers
The houses that could set a legal precedent for Adk farmers

A farmer's legal feud with the APA could set new rules for agriculture in the Adirondack Park

One of the North Country's most influential and controversial farmers is locked in a court battle with the Adirondack Park Agency and New York's Attorney General. State officials say Sandy Lewis needed APA permits to build three new houses for workers on his farm in Essex County. Lewis defied their order and this spring the APA fined him $50,000. Lewis filed a counter-suit. He accuses the APA of intimidation, regulatory bullying, and hostility to farmers. The case goes to trial June 19th. As Brian Mann reports, the complex and bitter fight could establish new legal precedents for agriculture in the Adirondack Park.  Go to full article

North Creek nursing home with 82 residents pushed to the edge

Nursing homes across the North Country have struggled in recent years, hit by low Medicre reimbursements and by a new tax on retirement homes. In North Creek, the Adirondack Tri-County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been pushed to the brink. The home, with more than 80 elderly residents, owes more than a million dollars in back taxes to New York state. Administrator, David Lovelace, told Brian Mann that the community is rallying to try to save the home.  Go to full article

North Creek resort quietly nears approval

The Adirondack Park Agency is poised to approve a huge new resort development planned for North Creek. A final vote could come as early as Friday. If given the green light, the private project would be closely linked to the state-run Gore Mountain Ski Area. As Brian Mann reports, some critics say details of the North Creek resort deserves more scrutiny and public review.  Go to full article
ComLinks CEO Nancy Reich (second from right) with Sen. Clinton (Source:  Nancie Battaglia)
ComLinks CEO Nancy Reich (second from right) with Sen. Clinton (Source: Nancie Battaglia)

ComLinks employees call for resignation of CEO

Employees at Com Links, one of the region's leading social service agencies, say the not-for-profit organization is in crisis. Staff-members signed a petition earlier this month calling for removal of the group's long-time CEO, Nancy Reich. They point to deepening financial problems and to a series of personnel disputes, including a controversy surrounding a sexual harassment case. But as independent producer Jacob Resneck reports, the president of ComLinks' board of directors says he still has confidence in Reich's leadership.  Go to full article

Adirondack real estate cools, at least for now

Housing prices have been sky-high in much of the Adirondacks for the last five years. But there are growing signs that the national housing crunch is having a ripple effect inside the Blue Line. As Brian Mann reports, it's unclear whether the slowdown reflects a major shift in the housing market or a temporary blip.  Go to full article

Town Requires Affordable Housing

A town on the Northway in Saratoga County has passed a new zoning ordinance that will force developers to include affordable housing in any future real estate developments. Malta officials say the code will protect local workers and their families. Brian Mann has details  Go to full article
State Senator Betty Little.
State Senator Betty Little.

Adirondack Housing Shortage Alarms Local Leaders

State Senator Betty Little held a symposium on Friday in Lake Placid to focus attention on the shortage of worker housing in the Adirondacks. Local government leaders say residents of the Park are being priced out of the real estate market by vacation home buyers. As Brian Mann reports, there's general agreement that the problem is worsening. But no one's sure how to respond.  Go to full article

$4 Million Worker Housing Project Planned For North Creek

A non-profit group called Comlinks plans to build 20 affordable apartments and townhouses in North Creek. Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton unveiled the $4 million development yesterday at a ceremony in Glens Falls. As Brian Mann reports, local leaders say a shortage of worker housing in the region threatens to push out young families and stifle economic development.

State Senator Betty Little will hold an affordable housing symposium April 15th in Lake Placid.  Go to full article
JR Risley Inlet Supervisor & AATV
JR Risley Inlet Supervisor & AATV

Local Government Group Calls Middle Class Housing "A Crisis"

Last month, the Association of Adirondack Towns and Villages passed a resolution supporting legislation designed to promote affordable housing for middle income families. JR Risley -- who heads the AATV and serves as town supervisor in Inlet -- spoke this week with Brian Mann. Risley says the booming second home market is crippling some communities in the Park.  Go to full article

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