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An Amish farm in St. Lawrence county. Photo: Sarah Harris
An Amish farm in St. Lawrence county. Photo: Sarah Harris

Amish farmers partner with Agri-Mark

Most of the North Country is losing population, and losing farms. But there's one group that keeps growing: Old Order Amish. They're drawn to the St. Lawrence Valley by the area's cheap, available farmland.

They Amish live an agrarian lifestyle that's more 19th century than 21st century. But in order to support their communities and their culture, the Amish have had to find a place in the local economy, including the dairy industry and an unlikely partnership with Agri-Mark.  Go to full article

Allied Coops Weigh Agri-Mark Merger

Members of one of the North Country's largest dairy cooperatives are deciding whether to join forces with the makers of Cabot and McCadam cheeses. Allied Federation of Cooperatives, based in Canton, will vote on merging with New England-based Agri-Mark. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

McCadam Brand in Agri-Mark Plans

The company that plans to buy McCadam Cheese says cheese manufactured in New York will help it expand its markets. Agri-Mark is a cooperative owned by 1400 farmers throughout New England and New York. David Sommerstein reports McCadam's Chateaugay plant will join Agri-Mark's two processing plants in Vermont and one in Massachusetts.  Go to full article

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