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It’s not just about capping their taxes, it’s about what programs and services can be offered.

Counties call for Medicaid relief

The push for a state mandated cap on local property taxes gained steam last week. A plan proposed by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver earned praise from Governor Cuomo and conditional approval from the state Senate.

Like Governor Cuomo, the Assembly Democrats want a 2% across the board cap on school and local government taxes. But they would exempt some costs, like some pension expenses that rise beyond local control. And Speaker Silver says he'd like the cap to sunset after a few years.

The conceptual agreement was praised by business groups, including the state's Business Council, who say it will "dramatically improve the business climate in the state." But the tentative agreement is criticized by those who will have to craft budgets within its limits.

The New York State Association of Counties is focusing on what was left out last week: mandate relief. Executive Director Stephen Acquario said it was "disingenuous" to reach a quick accord on limiting local property taxes without including mandate relief.

The organization has proposed its own fix--a state takeover of all local Medicaid expenses. NYSAC envisions the cost would be offset by state Medicaid reform, and by federal funding through the Health Care Reform Act. But between the 57 counties and New York City, that total amounts to $7.5 billion. Acquario told Martha Foley it's doable.  Go to full article
Marriage equality is the next chapter of our civil rights story.

Gay marriage supporters and opponents make last-minute cases

Governor Cuomo's goal of achieving a property tax cap took a big step forward in recent days, but his proposal to legalize gay marriage remains mired in the state Senate. With just 11 days left in the official legislative session, both supporters and opponents are making their pitches.  Go to full article

"New" Paul Smiths VIC opens with new outlook

Early last year after state budget cuts, the Adirondack Park Agency announced it couldn't afford to keep running the visitor interpretive center at Paul Smiths.

It seemed natural the school would take over the much-loved interpretive center. But nothing is simple. It ended up working out, and Paul Smiths VIC reopened this weekend. Nora Flaherty has the story of how the college is making the VIC its own.
(Tomorrow, Brian Mann reports on the rebirth of the Newcomb VIC.)  Go to full article
Andrew Cuomo inspects flood damage in Port Henry (File photo/Brian Mann)
Andrew Cuomo inspects flood damage in Port Henry (File photo/Brian Mann)

On the road to FEMA aid, Cuomo seeks major federal disaster designation for NY

Governor Cuomo formally requested Wednesday that President Obama declare a major federal disaster in New York, in the wake of the rain and flooding that have been going on since April 26. The move comes as local officials continue to raise concern about state and Federal aid for recovery efforts across the region.

As Martha Foley reports, Cuomo's request has the support of North Country congressman Bill Owens.  Go to full article
Tell your legislators pass these bills or just don't come home, period.

Cuomo brings tax cap campaign to Utica

Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Utica yesterday, a day after scoring a tentative triumph on one of his three big agenda items - a cap on local government and school tax increases.

Dave Bullard reports that the governor's speech was a mix of off the cuff and prepared remarks, as he kept up the pressure on lawmakers to agree to a tax cap in the next couple of weeks.  Go to full article
There’s no question that there’s a train that has left the station. It’s going down a reckless track that is not good for the children.

Educators and school boards speak out against property tax cap

State lawmakers are close to approving a cap on property taxes in New York, but the groups most impacted say they are still trying to change what they see as the most potentially harmful parts of the package. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
We should probably have a four or five year look at it. See where adjustments have to be made...

State assembly puts forward 2% property tax cap plan--with some differences

Chances for the passage of a property tax cap in New York have improved, now that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has proposed a plan that earned praise from Governor Cuomo and conditional approval by the State Senate. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
This is matter of fairness and equality.

Cuomo urges passage of gay marriage

Governor Andrew Cuomo has released another video message- this time on the topic of permitting gay marriage in New York. Karen DeWitt repots from Albany.  Go to full article

Forum debates grocery wine sales bill

Supporters and opponents of selling wine in grocery stores held a spirited discussion in a forum held by the bill's sponsors. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
It came down to that the only thing left to cut was programs and people.

In face of budget cuts, county health departments must make tough choices

Cuts in federal and state aid and a potential 2% property tax cap mean North Country County public health departments are facing some tough choices. What those choices are likely to be is just now starting to come out as the departments are beginning to formulate their budgets for next year.  Go to full article

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