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There’s no question that there’s a train that has left the station. It’s going down a reckless track that is not good for the children.

Educators and school boards speak out against property tax cap

State lawmakers are close to approving a cap on property taxes in New York, but the groups most impacted say they are still trying to change what they see as the most potentially harmful parts of the package. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
We should probably have a four or five year look at it. See where adjustments have to be made...

State assembly puts forward 2% property tax cap plan--with some differences

Chances for the passage of a property tax cap in New York have improved, now that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has proposed a plan that earned praise from Governor Cuomo and conditional approval by the State Senate. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
This is matter of fairness and equality.

Cuomo urges passage of gay marriage

Governor Andrew Cuomo has released another video message- this time on the topic of permitting gay marriage in New York. Karen DeWitt repots from Albany.  Go to full article

Forum debates grocery wine sales bill

Supporters and opponents of selling wine in grocery stores held a spirited discussion in a forum held by the bill's sponsors. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
It came down to that the only thing left to cut was programs and people.

In face of budget cuts, county health departments must make tough choices

Cuts in federal and state aid and a potential 2% property tax cap mean North Country County public health departments are facing some tough choices. What those choices are likely to be is just now starting to come out as the departments are beginning to formulate their budgets for next year.  Go to full article
The honeymoon between Andrew Cuomo and the voters of this state continues. Down a little bit from last month, but only a little bit.

Poll finds Cuomo and his policies still very popular--for now

A new poll finds the honeymoon continues for Governor Andrew Cuomo, and that voters agree with the governor's crusade for a property tax cap and ethics reform. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
We’re asking the governor and the legislature to revisit these draconian cuts.

Teachers launch their own statewide tour

Education groups, including the New York State United Teachers union, taking a cue from Governor Andrew Cuomo, have launched their own statewide tour to draw attention to teacher lay offs and school program cuts that they say are a result of school aid cuts in the state budget. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
North Elba supervisor Roby Politi with Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday (Source: Nathan Brown, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, used by permission)
North Elba supervisor Roby Politi with Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday (Source: Nathan Brown, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, used by permission)

Cuomo brings agenda, momentum, to Lake Placid

Governor Andrew Cuomo dominated Albany this year, pushing his austerity budget through the legislature on time with only token opposition.

With his poll numbers still high, Cuomo is barnstorming the state again, hoping to pass another ambitious slate of bills before the current session ends June 20.

Yesterday, the governor brought his "People First Campaign" to the Olympic region, pushing for ethics reform, a cap on local property taxes, and a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. Chris Morris has our report.  Go to full article
A tax cap is the worst thing that could happen. It would prevent local communities from being able to save their schools.

Both tax cap sides claim victory after school votes

Both supporters and opponents of a 2% property tax cap say the record high passage of school budgets in New York Tuesday proves their case. Karen DeWitt has reaction from Albany.  Go to full article

Skelos: Senate will consider tax cap exemptions

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says he's willing to consider an easing of Governor Cuomo's proposal for a hard 2% property tax cap, if that will make it more likely for the bill to become law. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report.  Go to full article

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