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Itís that duality: in the face of devastation, a tremendous sense of community. In our darkest hours, New Yorkers shined the brightest.

Gov sees "duality": devastation and sense of community

WEB ONLY: Speaking with Albany reporter Karen DeWitt last night after a long three days touring storm damage in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked about the resilience he's seen in communities beginning to pick up the pieces.
And he talked about the importance of government "when faced with bare reality." He said, "If government works, these communities can rebuild. If it doesn't, they won't."
Here's their conversation.  Go to full article
We said no we donít want anything to do with it. And he turned around and said, "It doesnít matter, Iíll get it anyway"

Landmen, part 2: Gray area in state law can undercut landowner

Yesterday we heard a cautionary story about "landmen" - the people who handle drilling leases and mineral rights for natural gas companies. Today, a state law some say is being used to force property-owners to sign on the dotted line.

Most people agree it's wrong to just take someone's property and give it to someone else. But there's a gray area in the rules for natural gas drilling. It's called compulsory integration.
Emma Jacobs has this report for the Innovation Trail.  Go to full article

Details emerge as regional economic council meets

The western New York Regional Council held its first public meeting in Buffalo yesterday. It's one of 10 councils the Cuomo Administration has set up in a new regional approach to economic development.

The North Country council is co-chaired by Clarkson University president Tony Collins, and Garry Douglas, president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce based in Plattsburgh. The meeting yesterday provided a glimpse into how this new initiative will work.  Go to full article

SUNY Canton fundraising hurt by recent kerfuffle, not Potsdam

Officials with SUNY Canton say the recent announcement that the college would be losing its popular president Joe Kennedy next year has meant a loss of donations. The State University of New York in Albany intends for the Canton college to share a president with SUNY Potsdam.
SUNY Canton officials say they five substantial alumni gifts have been delayed following the announcements.  Go to full article
What is the rush? The gas is there, itís not going anywhere.

Environmental and government reform groups call for more time in hydrofracking comment period

More than 70 environmental and government reform groups are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo's Environmental Department to extend to six months the amount of time for public comments on proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing in New York. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
SUNY Officials speak with SUNY Potsdam and Canton councils
SUNY Officials speak with SUNY Potsdam and Canton councils

SUNY Canton and Potsdam leaders don't want to share one president

The State University of New York is putting one president in charge of SUNY Canton and Potsdam colleges as part of its new plan to share services. SUNY is consolidating administrative duties throughout its 64 campuses. But Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says a shared president will be rare.  Go to full article

Poll: Voters want independent redistricting

A new poll out Thursday finds many New Yorkers want a fair method for redrawing district lines. As Karen DeWitt reports, some think nonpartisan redistricting could go a long way toward limiting dysfunction in government.  Go to full article
Congklingville Dam (Photo: HRBRRD)
Congklingville Dam (Photo: HRBRRD)

North Country dam-reservoir authority angers commmunities with $3 million loan

The state authority that operates dams and reservoirs across the North Country voted this week to bail itself out with an internal loan worth more than $3 million.

The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District will shift the money from the region around Watertown and the Black River drainage to pay for operations in the Adirondacks and around the Great Sacandaga Reservoir.

The move has sparked anger from some North Country politicians, who say their communities are being forced to subsidize the state's operations in other parts of the state.

Brian Mann spoke with 8 O'clock Hour host Martha Foley to sort through the controversy.  Go to full article
Seneca president Robert Odawi Porter displays the historic cloth Tuesday.  [photo by Chris Caya]
Seneca president Robert Odawi Porter displays the historic cloth Tuesday. [photo by Chris Caya]

Senecas reassert sovereignty; Cuomo eyes gambling

Seneca Nation president Robert Odawi Porter is using an historic piece of cloth to deliver a message to New York State about native sovereignty. He said payment of the cloth and a small sum according to an 18th century treaty symbolizes native nations' freedom from state taxation and right to land.

The history lesson came on the same day that Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he is considering legalizing gambling in New York. That would have a profound effect on native nations and tribes around the state who rely on their casinos for revenue. Martha Foley and Dave Bullard report.  Go to full article
We didnít rejoice at the slight increase. We're not going to cry at a slight downturn.

Governor "optimistic" about Wall Street's future

Governor Cuomo says he's staying optimistic about Wall Street and the financial sector's future right now. Karen DeWitt reports the governor's saying he hopes the downturn will be just a "blip" on the screen.  Go to full article

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