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If they are embarrassed, it's on them. What we're saying is, "keep your promise."

Dems push NY GOP on ethics reform

New York State Senate Democrats are trying to put majority party Republicans on the spot over ethics reform. They are demanding permission from the GOP for hearings on various proposals. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article
7th grader Kerrigan Mahoney helped organize a talent show to raise money for her school.
7th grader Kerrigan Mahoney helped organize a talent show to raise money for her school.

Students show talent to fight for the arts

The latest Siena College poll found Governor Cuomo enjoying the support of near three-quarters of New Yorkers even after his austerity budget cut $1.2 billion to schools. Now reality's setting in as districts finalize their budget plans. And in many North Country districts, the news is ugly, with teacher layoffs and program cuts the norm.

The news is so bad, students themselves are fighting back. Today we have two stories from opposite ends of the region. We start in Croghan in Lewis County, where the Beaver River school district may cut or reduce a third of its staff, including several music and art teachers. Students organized a talent show last night to raise money. David Sommerstein was there.  Go to full article
We must pass a real, meaningful property tax cap... it takes good faith negotiations to get that done.

Republicans push for tax cap

Republicans in New York's Senate and Assembly are pushing Assembly Democrats to approve Gov. Andrew Cuomo's two percent across the board property tax cap for schools and local governments.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb say they're circulating a petition to get average citizens to pressure Democrats in the Assembly to allow an up or down vote on proposed cap. Skelos says the Senate approved Cuomo's plan on January 31, now it's the Assembly's turn. Karen DeWitt has more from Albany.  Go to full article

Assembly will act on property tax cap

State lawmakers are working on a deal that could strengthen protections for people living in New York City's rent-controlled apartments while also capping the growth of property taxes upstate. Speaker Sheldon Silver says his house will act on a property tax cap, but it's not likely to happen before lawmakers take a two week break. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
When...the doctor gives you a prescription, you don’t like it. But you know that it's going to make you better.

Poll: Cuomo wins budget fight

A new Siena College poll finds a strong majority of New Yorkers support Governor Cuomo austerity budget, despite its deep cuts to local schools and hospitals. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
Under state law, prisoners are not residents of these Upstate counties.

Senators challenge inmate count

The North Country State Senators are suing to block a new law for redistricting this year. It would count prison inmates in the districts where their home residence is, not in the North Country town where they're held. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch speaking to reporters.
Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch speaking to reporters.

Senators accused of breaking redistricting pledge

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who now leads a reform group, has declared the Leader of the State Senate "an enemy of reform", and says Senators have broken a pledge to carry out non partisan redistricting. Koch also says he's teaming up with Governor Andrew Cuomo to pressure lawmakers over the issue. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
It’s the fox guarding the henhouse. It doesn’t work.

Leaders still apart on ethics reform

One of the top issues of the post budget session is ethics reform.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he and Governor Cuomo have an understanding on legislation. But the governor says he's not quite there yet. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Silver continues to push tax on millionaires

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he hasn't given up on extending the state's tax on millionaires, even though it was not a part of the recently approved state budget. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
For the first time, as I see it, we have an administration that's made that (urban-rural) connection in a very tangible way.

Aubertine brings farm, business roots to commissioner's job

Though his austerity budget has taken up the lion's share of the Cuomo Administration's time and energy in its first three months, leadership posts are slowly filling. Yesterday, as expected, the state Senate Agriculture Committee, under new Sen. Pattie Ritchie of St. Lawrence County, confirmed her Senate predecessor, Darrel Aubertine of Jefferson County, as farm commissioner. Dave Bullard reports.  Go to full article

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