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Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill has come under fire from county legislators in Franklin County following the arrest of one of their members last month. Photo: NYS
Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill has come under fire from county legislators in Franklin County following the arrest of one of their members last month. Photo: NYS

Legislator arrest sparks political fight in Franklin County

County legislators in Malone are raising questions about the arrest of one of their own members last month for allegedly driving with his ability impaired by alcohol.

Tim Smith from Fort Covington pleaded not guilty to the charge. But now some of his fellow elected officials are questioning why the arrest was made.

This latest fight is part of an on-going feud between county legislators and Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill.  Go to full article

Story 2.0: drunk driving still problem at Fort Drum

Last year, Fort Drum began posting the names and photos of soldiers who were arrested for drunk driving while intoxicated in the post newspaper. The unusual step was taken by Drum's commanding general when he was alerted to high DWI rates among his soldiers. Today, Major General Michael Oates says the situation has not improved. He's taken another unusual step: asking his troops for answers on his blog. Martha Foley and David Sommerstein revisit this story for our series, Story 2.0.  Go to full article

Fighting teenage drug/alcohol abuse, one house at a time

Officials in an Adirondack school district have launched an anti-alcohol and drugs network. "Safe Homes" was unveiled at the start of the school year in Lake Placid and Wilmington. It gives parents a new way to build a network of home supervision for teens and their friends. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

More soldier DWIs at Fort Drum

Late Friday night, a 23 year-old Fort Drum soldier injured seven pedestrians when he plowed into a crowd leaving a music club in Watertown. Kristopher Hendricks hit a parked car, then drove the wrong way down a one-way street. He was charged with drunk driving. Watertown police say all the people Hendricks hit are fellow soldiers. All but one has been released from the hospital. The incident came a week after Fort Drum's weekly newspaper began publishing the names and photos of soldiers arrested for DWI. The policy has touched off a debate over the best way to handle the misdeeds of combat veterans who have recently returned from Iraq or Afghanistan. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Substance abuse increases at Ft. Drum

Fort Drum's commander says an increase in drunk driving, drug use, and other crimes among soldiers is unacceptable. And he's using public pressure to deal with it. The base newspaper will publish the names and photos of soldiers charged with DWI. 3500 Fort Drum soldiers returned from Iraq last November. It was the second or third tour of duty for many of them. As David Sommerstein reports, substance abuse is often associated with combat trauma.  Go to full article

Drum Headquarters trains for Iraq

Fort Drum's main headquarters is getting ready to take control of the south-central area of Iraq. Major General Michael Oates, the base's commander, will lead more than a thousand troops to Iraq in May. While they're there, three other 10th Mountain Division brigades will be preparing to deploy this fall. Yesterday, General Oates gave some members of the media a tour of a training war room that's a replica of the real thing in Iraq. David Sommerstein was there and has this report.  Go to full article

Grand jury investigates Paul Smiths drownings

The Franklin County Grand Jury is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the drownings of two Paul Smith's College students last May. A State police investigator says the grand jury could recommend that charges be filed against students who allegedly provided the underaged victims with alcohol. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Newcomb faces BBQ suit

An Essex County town and its fire department are facing a lawsuit that claims they illegally sold alcohol at a town barbeque last year to a man who later drove drunk and caused an accident that injured two people. At least one town official, however, says the allegations are without merit. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article
SLU student Adam Falcon died after a night of drinking in 2004 (Source: SLU website)
SLU student Adam Falcon died after a night of drinking in 2004 (Source: SLU website)

North Country colleges confront "gray zone" between alcohol and adulthood

Paul Smiths College has drawn criticism in recent weeks, following the alcohol-related deaths of two students in May. But academic and law enforcement officials across the region say the problem of underage drinking is complicated, with few easy answers. In the final part of our series on alcohol and campus safety, Brian Mann reports that the debate often winds up in a legal and ethical gray zone.  Go to full article

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