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Tupper Lake & Altamont Look To Combine Names

A new bill was introduced this week in the state senate that would rename the town of Altamont. Local officials want the town and village to be known as Tupper Lake. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Tupper Lake: Altamont Town Supervisor Steps Down

In Tupper Lake, one of the region's veteran politicians says he'll step down next week. Democrat Dean LeFebvre announced that he'll resign as Altamont town supervisor after more than eighteen years on the job. As Brian Mann reports, the move follows a financial scandal that divided the town council.  Go to full article

Political Fight In Tupper Lake: Altamont Town Supervisor Asked To Resign

Town officials in Tupper Lake are caught in an ugly political feud. Last week, the Altamont town board urged veteran supervisor Dean LeFebvre to resign. The move came after LeFebvre published a scathing letter in the town newspaper, attacking local leaders. As Brian Mann reports, the fight comes as the town is struggling with a major budget crisis, that's forced lay-offs and deep program cuts.  Go to full article

Vandalism Spurs Youth Curfew in Tupper Lake

Kids in Tupper Lake will soon face a new curfew that requires them to be off the streets before 10 pm. The law, passed this week by the Altamont town bord, was spurred by a rash of late-night vandalism. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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