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TDI's cable will run under the water of Lake Champlain
TDI's cable will run under the water of Lake Champlain

Proposed Lake Champlain transmission line complicated by engineering, history

Last week, a Canadian company called Transmission Developers Incorporated unveiled a $3.8-billion plan to lay high-power electric transmission lines under Lake Champlain and the Hudson River. The project would be part of the new "smart" electrical grid, designed to open the floodgates to new sources of green and renewable energy. The company has begun meeting with state regulators, environmentalists and historic preservation groups. As Brian Mann reports, the transmission line will be one of the most complicated power-grid projects in the country.  Go to full article

Adk Wind Project Inches Forward

Developers of an industrial wind project near Gore Mountain in the Adirondacks won a small victory yesterday. The Adirondack Park Agency's board agreed that a new tower, designed to test wind strength, might be allowed to go forward. As Brian Mann reports, the APA staff and some environmental groups want the developers to submit a basic outline of the entire project.  Go to full article

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