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Amish in Northern New York changing the face of farming

There are now about 13,000 Amish in New York--many in the North Country. A recent study from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania showed that's about three times the number of Amish the state had just two years ago--and the population's growing faster than in any other state.  Go to full article
Part of being Amish is giving yourself up to Godís plan, yielding to what God has in mind for you.

After tragedy, Amish mourners find peace in faith

Hundreds of friends, family members and other mourners came from as far away as Wisconsin, Kentucky Illinois and Michigan to southern Steuben County last week to attend the funerals Friday and Saturday of five Amish men and women who were killed last Tuesday in a three-car crash in Yates county. Some from the Amish community in Norfolk were there as well.

The tragedy has provided a glimpse into the Amish community's views of death and life. Nora Flaherty has more.  Go to full article
Clarence Forbes plying his trade.
Clarence Forbes plying his trade.

Heard Up North: Moving an Amish shed

Across the North Country, Amish carpenters craft fine, handmade wooden sheds. But unless you live nearby, they're unlikely to haul it to your house on horse and buggy.

That's where movers like Clarence Forbes come in. He hauled a shed to david Sommerstein's house for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Census 2010: the challenges of counting every head

This spring, an army of temporary workers will fan out across the North Country to count its residents for the 2010 census. The federal government is spending $300 million nationwide to remind people to fill out their census forms. The stakes are high, especially in places like New York, where the population has been declining. Census figures are used to draw legislative districts and distribute federal and state money.

So the pressure is on in northern New York to count as many people as possible. St. Lawrence County got a federal grant to reach out to hard-to-count populations, like college students, the Amish, and Mexican dairy workers. John Tenbush is a planner with St. Lawrence County. He spoke with David Sommerstein.  Go to full article

Amish ruling expected today

A decision is expected today in St. Lawrence County in the case of an Amish couple accused of neglecting their 1 1/2-year-old son by refusing medical treatment for a life-threatening heart condition. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Co-op builds Amish milk houses

Last week, Heritage cheese plant in St. Lawrence County closed, leaving 65 Amish dairy farmers without a place to bring their milk. The dairy cooperative that makes Cabot and McCadam cheeses is stepping in to fill the void. Agrimark Co-op is building community milk houses in Amish country. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Heritage shutdown sheds light on Amish economy

One of St. Lawrence County's best known cheese brands is about to disappear. Heritage cheeses and cheese curds are big sellers at local stores and quick-marts. But they didn't sell well enough to keep Heritage out of the red. The plant in Heuvelton was losing $3,000 a week. It owes almost $200,000 in public loans. Heritage Cheese House will stop accepting milk Friday night. Fifteen people will lose their jobs. All the milk comes from Amish farms. Amish dairy farmers can't join regular milk co-ops because they don't use on-site refrigeration. The number of farms selling milk to Heritage dwindled in recent years, from more than a hundred to 65. Lowell McAllister is chairman of the Heuvelton Community Irrevocable Trust, which manages the plant for the Amish. The plant was founded in 1994. It closed briefly in 2006. He told Martha Foley Friday that this time, the shutdown is final.  Go to full article

Judge says Amish case can proceed

A small town on the St. Lawrence River is going forward with a legal case against eight Amish residents. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Books: Train Up a Child

Horse-drawn buggies and farmstands with homemade baskets, jams and fresh bread are a common sight along some of the backroads in the North Country. The Amish have been part of the region's culture for more than 30 years. But how much do we non-Amish know about their lifestyle? SUNY Potsdam professor Karen Johnson-Weiner's new book, Train Up a Child, explores how schools among the Amish reflect and maintain their values and identity. Johnson-Weiner spent several years visiting Amish and Mennonite schools in five states, including northern New York. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article

Doctors learn strategies to treat Amish

Providing health care to Amish communities poses unique challenges. So unique that the subject will have its own breakout session this week at the 5th Annual Conference on Rural Health. The conference starts today in Chatauqua.
Melissa Thomas is a social worker with the Community Outreach of Ohio Health. 10 years ago she got a grant to do breast cancer screenings in the Appalachian area of Ohio. She realized that Amish women weren't showing up at the mammogram clinics. So she got a mobile booth to come to them. As she told Gregory Warner, that still wasn't enough.  Go to full article

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