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Jay Howard Doig's 1890 self portrait on the Moose River.
Jay Howard Doig's 1890 self portrait on the Moose River.

Adirondack Attic: a charming 19th century watercolor

We continue our series, the Adirondack Attic, with Andy Flynn. You may know Andy from his series of "Adirondack Attic" books on local history. He uses the objects people make, use and leave behind to tell stories about the life and times of the region. NCPR is collaborating with Andy and his sources at the Adirondack Museum and other historical associations and museums in the region to bring these stories to air. Today, a watercolor painting by a Lowville painter from the late 19th century that celebrates fly-fishing.  Go to full article

Waddington vies for fishing town title

The little village of Waddington along the St. Lawrence River is vying for a big distinction. The World Fishing Network is holding a competition to determine which community is America's "ultimate fishing town". The prize is a $25,000 check and a spot on TV.
So far, Waddington leads the pack with more than 2,000 votes, even though neighboring Ogdensburg is pulling away a couple hundred votes in a bid of its own.
Waddington Chamber of Commerce director Alicia Murphy is urging people to vote early and often. She spoke with David Sommerstein.  Go to full article

Mercury Levels Up in St. Lawrence Fish

Troubling levels of mercury have been found in some St Lawrence river fish popular with anglers. Environmentalists say that coal-fired plants in the Midwest are to blame. Greg Warner reports.  Go to full article

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