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News stories tagged with "ants"

Leaf cutter ant. Photo: <a href="">Jim Webber</a>, CC some rights reserved
Leaf cutter ant. Photo: Jim Webber, CC some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Leaf Cutter Ants

Why do Leaf Cutter Ants cut leaves? Nesting material, food? As Martha Foley and Curt Stager explain, these ants are composting. What they actually eat grows on the rotting leaves.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Anthills

Wood ant colonies create noticeable hummocks in clearings and fields. The elaborate structures create a temperate micro-climate ideal for protecting larvae, the queen and her workers. Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley talk about insect architecture.  Go to full article
"Space Ant" farm experiment sent on <i>Columbia</i>. Photo: Spacehab
"Space Ant" farm experiment sent on Columbia. Photo: Spacehab

Syracuse High School Mourns "Astronaut Colleagues"

Fowler High School in Syracuse, New York, will observe a moment of silence today. Students at the school had a special relationship with the Columbia and her crew. The students helped design an experiment that sent live harvester ants into orbit. As North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports, the kids say the project helped revitalize their school.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Ants

Ants may be small, but they are rather sophisticated and even "diabolical," as Martha Foley puts it, when she and Dr. Curt Stager take on ants.  Go to full article

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