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News stories tagged with "arab"

The Case of Ansar Mahmood

In the months since the September 11th terror attacks, the U.S. government has deported thousands of Muslim men. Some were detained here in the North Country as they tried to cross the border to Canada. They're not charged with terrorism, but with violations of federal immigration law. Some critics say the policy is too severe. As Brian Mann reports, activists in the Catskill town of Hudson are working to free one Pakistani man who's been held in a federal prison for 18 months.  Go to full article

Commentary: Ethnic Profiling

September 11 has brought to the country's attention racial and ethnic profiling of so-called "mid-eastern looking" males. Commentator Paul Willcott, who has lived in Iraq, Iran and Jordan and has studied four varieties of Arabic, reflects on how this profiling has affected him.  Go to full article

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