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Arcuri and Hanna clash in 24th House race

A new poll released this morning shows Democrat Mike Arcuri pulling ahead of his Republican challenger. Arcuri faces businessman Richard Hanna in the 24th district House race that includes the area around Old Forge. According to a poll commissioned by the non-partisan newspaper The Hill, Arcuri is leading the race among likely voters by a margin of 47 to 37 percent.

Arcuri and Hanna met last night in a debate the Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
Siena Research Institute's polls offer a much clearer snapshot of the NY-20 and NY-24 races.
Siena Research Institute's polls offer a much clearer snapshot of the NY-20 and NY-24 races.

Siena: Gibson, Hanna struggling in House races

Exactly six weeks remain until election day. Here in northern New York, Republicans are pushing hard to unseat three sitting Democrats, congressmen Mike Arcuri, Scott Murphy, and Bill Owens. These races could help decide which party holds a majority in the House of Representatives.

But new polls published over the last few days by the Siena Research Institute show that in two of these races the Republican candidates are struggling to catch up.

Brian Mann spoke in-depth with Siena pollster Steven Greenberg, who says Republicans Chris Gibson and Richard Hanna need to lock down the loyalty of GOP voters. "It is key for both of the Republican bring the base back home," Greenberg says.

He calls the 24th district House race "incredibly competitive," but says the 20th district race will be more of a struggle for Gibson. "I think the 20th definitely has the potential to be a competitive race," he adds.  Go to full article
Glens Falls Democrat Scott Murphy voted Yes
Glens Falls Democrat Scott Murphy voted Yes

Murphy, McHugh vote Yes on climate change bill; Arcuri votes No

The North Country's Congressional delegation was at the center of the debate over historic climate change legislation. A bill that would cap carbon emissions and create a trading system for pollution credits passed the House by a narrow margin on Friday. As Brian Mann reports, Republican John McHugh and Democrat Scott Murphy both voted in favor of the controversial bill.  Go to full article
Rep. Michael Arcuri
Rep. Michael Arcuri

Arcuri opposes Bush's Iraq plan

Another North Country Congressman, Democrat Michael Arcuri, voiced his support for the non-binding resolution that praises U.S. troops but rebukes President Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Rep. Arcuri's floor speech in Iraq resolution debate

Complete audio of Rep. Michael Arcuri's floor speech (2/15/07) in the debate of a nonbinding resolution opposing the administration plan for a 21,500 troop increase in US forces in Iraq.  Go to full article

NY picks for Congress: some old, some new

Democrats picked up another New York district considered solidly Republican. Oneida County District Attorney Mike Arcuri tallied a solid margin against Republican state Senator Ray Meier in the 24th. With 83 percent of the vote counted last night, Arcuri had 53 percent of the vote. The Watertown Times reports this morning that the district hasn't sent a Democrat to Washington in 60 years. Longtime moderate Sherwood Boehlert retierd from the seat this year. Musician-politician John Hall defeated 12-year Republican Sue Kelly in the 19th Congressional District. Hall wrote the 70s pop hits "Still the One" and "Dance with Me." In the 26th District, Republican Representative Tom Reynolds held onto his seat after becoming ensnared in the congressional page scandal. Freshman Republican Randy Kuhl beat Navy veteran and anti-Iraq war candidate Eric Massa in the conservative rural 29th District.  Go to full article
NYS Sen. Ray Meier
NYS Sen. Ray Meier

Meier, Arcuri deadlocked in key US House race

Republican state Senator Ray Meier, who represents much of the North Country, is locked in a tight race for US Congress. Meier faces Democrat Mike Arcuri, Oneida County's district attorney. Both men hope to replace moderate Republican Sherwood Boehlert, who is retiring from the sprawling 24th congressional district, which includes Herkimer County and Old Forge. This race comes in a year when national Democrats hope to reclaim control of the House of Representatives. Brian Mann has been covering the race. He was on the road last night in Utica where Arcuri and Meier spoke at a forum hosted by local veterans. He spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Clinton Raises Money To Beat Meier

U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is throwing her financial clout behind the Democrat, Michael Arcuri, who hopes to beat Republican Ray Meier. Meier is currently a state Senator representing much of the North Country in Albany. He hopes to replace outgoing Congressman Sherwood Boehlert, who is stepping down after 24 years. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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