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Pickens General Store
Pickens General Store

Heard Up North: Pickens Hall Artist Showcase

This past Monday the Pickens General Store hosted its first local Artisan Showcase. Pickens General Store in Heuvelton features handmade goods and crafts by the Amish the rest of the year. But this past Monday, the store opened its doors to all local artists and crafts people, with the hopes of fostering new partnerships.

Pickens Hall is a three story stone building, 65 feet wide and 74 feet deep. In the mid eighteen hundreds John Pickens built it so that his daughters, the world-traveling performance duo The Abbot Sisters, could have a place to perform at home. The great hall is on the third floor and is currently being restored. Pickens Store is on the first and second floors.

Kyle and Sally Hartman were lead organizers for Monday's showcase.  Go to full article

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