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DeDe Scozzafava. She's in.
DeDe Scozzafava. She's in.

Race for 23rd Congressional district takes shape

John McHugh is still Congressman in Washington. His confirmation hearings to become Secretary of the Army haven't even been scheduled yet. But the race to replace him is already running fast and furious. On Wednesday, Republican leaders in the 23rd district anointed Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava to be their candidate. And last night, Senate Senator Darrel Aubertine announced he would not run for the Democrats. There have been robocalls, attack ads, national attention, but still no election scheduled yet. David Sommerstein's been following it all and joins Martha Foley for an update.  Go to full article

Aubertine supports power sharing deal

North Country Senator Darrel Aubertine says he still supports a short-term power sharing deal to get non-controversial bills passed. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Senate stalemate stalls real business

State Senate leaders are still trying to work out a power-sharing deal. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. Next Wednesday, July 1, some laws expire unless the Senate comes to an agreement and extends the measures. The Senate is scheduled to meet today at noon, and Gov. David Paterson has already planned to call the chamber into session tomorrow afternoon and again on Sunday evening if the squabbling lawmakers don't get their work done. Martha Foley spoke with Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann about what's at stake, and where North Country Senators fit into the mix.  Go to full article

Aubertine has hopes for Senate session

Speculation that North Country Democrat Darrel Aubertine might join the GOP-dominated coalition in the state Senate built Thursday when he talked with Republicans about a temporary power sharing strategy to move bills through the deadlocked Senate.(see related story)

Speaking from back in his district this morning, he told Martha Foley he was interested in a temporary plan to move bills through the Senate in the next few days. He said the deal broke down when Republicans refused to "back away" from their insistence that renegade Democratic Senator Pedro Espada remain as Senate president Pro Tem, even when Democrats were having their turn at controlling the chamber.

Aubertine said talks are continuing, and that he has hopes the Senate will be able to work out a way to cooperate to get critical legislation through this session. Here's their conversation.  Go to full article
NY Sen. Darrel Aubertine
NY Sen. Darrel Aubertine

Aubertine supports power sharing, for Power for Jobs

(TEXT ONLY) The fight for control of the state Senate enter its 12th day today. There were negotiations behind closed doors yesterday. And the Republicans-plus-one coalition members convened in the Senate, but didn't have the quorum necessary to do business. That briefly focused a bright light of speculation on North Country Democrat Darrel Aubertine.

Rules of the chamber require a quorum of 32 Senators. But the Democratic and Republican-dominated voting blocs are evenly split, 31-31. And Democrats have refused to physically enter the Senate chamber since the coalition "coup" last week.

Yesterday, it appeared Aubertine would enter the chamber. Republican leader Dean Skelos says Aubertine asked the coalition to vote on renewing "Power for Jobs." The program ensures low-cost electricity for companies employing large numbers of workers in the North Country.

Speaking with reporters yesterday afternoon, Skelos said he asked Aubertine to join them in the chamber, "but he's opted not to."

Aubertine confirmed to the Albany Times Union that he was prepared to work with Republicans in order to renew "Power for Jobs." Spokesman Drew Mangione says that action was contingent on a bipartisan power agreement only. He said Aubertine was never considering becoming part of a Dean Skelos- or Pedro Espada-led coalition.

Yesterday afternoon, Aubertine issued a statement calling Democrat Espada's leadership role "unacceptable" and demanded that his title be revoked.  Go to full article

Aubertine and Griffo respond to Senate coup

After Democrats lost their majority last week in the state Senate, it was revealed that Republicans had been laying the groundwork for a coup for more than a month. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)

Supporters push, but Aubertine stands firm against same-sex marriage

Groups on both sides of the same sex marriage debate are lobbying hard in Albany. All eyes are on a handful of state senators whose vote could make the difference on the Marriage Equality Act already passed by the Assembly. State Democratic Party chairwoman June O'Neill says the bill "is very much in play" and could be brought to a vote before Albany recesses for summer. The New York Daily News Daily Politics blog reported yesterday that Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith is counting heads and may be close to having enough votes to pass the bill. One head he's not counting on is that of North Country Senator Darrel Aubertine. The Democrat from Cape Vincent is against same-sex marriage, but has been quiet on the issue lately. Yesterday, he spoke with David Sommerstein, who reports some of Aubertine's biggest supporters in St. Lawrence County are trying to change his mind.  Go to full article

Local officials cautious on Empire Zone reform

The state's controversial Empire Zone program, which gives tax incentives to businesses, is set to expire next year. It's been beset by mismanagement, spiraling costs, and underperformance in job creation. Senate Democrats this week announced a new task force to overhaul the Empire Zone program. North Country officials agree the program isn't working, especially for rural parts of Upstate New York. But they worry the alternative may be...nothing. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

NC votes part of changing dynamics on same sex marruage

As we heard in Karen DeWitt's story - this is not the first time New York's Assembly has debated -- or passed -- a same sex marriage bill. But Democratic control of the Senate gives yesterday's vote new significance - and there were both somber and fiery moments as the Assembly members rose to speak. Martha Foley talks with Brian Mann about how the votes of North Country representatives in the Assembly and Senate factor into the changing dynamics.  Go to full article

Aubertine named head of NYS rural commission

State Senator Darrel Aubertine will head the state's legislative Commission on Rural Resources. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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