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News stories tagged with "auto"

Judge approves settlement for Massena GM factory cleanup

A judge has approved a deal between "Old GM" -- the bankruptcy offshoot of the auto giant -- and the Federal Government for the cleanup of contaminated sites across 14 states. As Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden reports, that includes two sites in Upstate New York.  Go to full article

Hannawa Falls Demolition Derby

Summer in the North Country means field day festivals for virtually every town and hamlet. It's tough to keep up with all the chicken barbeques, fire engine parades, and lawn mower races. But for the automotive lovers, nothing beats the demolition derby. Hundreds of drivers sign up each summer for the chance to crash their rides into one another. David Sommerstein went to the demolition derby in Hannawa Falls to hear the roar of the engines and the crunch of metal.  Go to full article

Insurance for College Kids

As September rolls around, many students are getting ready to head off to college. As Jody Tosti reports, from health to car insurance, parents may want to check out their policies before sending their teenager off to school.  Go to full article

Getting the Toxics Out of Cars

The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Julie Halpert takes a look at new efforts by car companies to take the toxics out of cars, and the challenges they face in this job.  Go to full article

Auto Emissions: It's Not Just the Tailpipe

When we think of car pollution, we're usually worried about the dirty exhaust coming from the tailpipe. But the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Julie Halpert takes a look at toxic chemicals in other parts of the car, and the latest push by environmentalists to get rid of them.  Go to full article

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