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Dr. Mara Smith thinks her "Athlete Minder" is a perfect new start-up for Lake Placid.  But she needs investors to move forward.  Photo:  Brian Mann
Dr. Mara Smith thinks her "Athlete Minder" is a perfect new start-up for Lake Placid. But she needs investors to move forward. Photo: Brian Mann

Can we end the North Country's investment drought?

Today in Washington DC, the Obama administration is hosting a conference designed to convince more investors to back entrepreneurs, start-ups and infrastructure projects in rural America.

As part of that effort, the White House is unveiling a new $10 billion private investment fund aimed at financing more projects in small towns.

That effort follows years of concern from economists and rural policy experts, who say a kind of capital drought is stifling growth in rural areas.

The fear is that even many good ideas aren't getting funded in small town regions like the North Country, because most of the investment dollars are flowing to cities and suburbs.  Go to full article

Fate of HSBC bank branches in the North Country unclear

First Niagara Financial Group has purchased 195 HSBC bank branches, including 71 in western New York, and a dozen in the north country. Julie Grant reports that it's unclear what will happen to those northern HSBC branches, customers, and employees.  Go to full article

Home foreclosure worries grow in North Country

The North Country has managed to dodge the worst parts of the home-mortgage crisis that has devastated the country's economy. Foreclosures in this region haven't spiked as they have in other parts of the country. But some real estate experts say the souring economy and the growing number of lay-offs has begun to hit more homeowners. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

Preview: "Affliction" in Willsboro

Author Russell Banks visits the Champlain Valley Film Society in Willsboro this Saturday. He'll introduce the film, Affliction, based on his novel. It'll be shown at 8 pm at Willsboro Central School. David Reuther, with the Champlain Valley Film Society, told Todd Moe that he's thrilled Russell Banks will talk about the film.  Go to full article

Book review: "The Reserve"

The New York Times called Russell Banks' new novel, The Reserve, "cheesy and histronic." Alan Cheuse of NPR says the book has "grandly romantic figures" and according to to the New York Review of Books is has a "curiously cold-blooded and stagy quality." But what is The Reserve like for those of us who live in the setting? Betsy Kepes has a review.  Go to full article

Lake Placid Film Forum "Resurrected"

The Lake Placid Film Forum isn't the biggest festival in the country, but it may be the most tenacious. After several years of growth and success attracting big-name stars like Martin Scorcese, the forum fell into debt and collapsed. But next week, the Forum returns with a smaller line-up and a more focused mission. Brian Mann has this preview.  Go to full article

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