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News stories tagged with "battenkill"

Community kitchen serves up more than food

Annette Nielsen loves to grow, cook and share food. Nielsen is a food writer and community organizer. She edited, Northern Comfort, a new collection of recipes from four decades of Adirondack Life magazine. But she wears many hats when it comes to food. She spoke with Todd Moe about getting her neighbors in Washington county excited about local food and a community kitchen.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Railroad Dreams

Running a train has always been a romantic business. Ronald Crowd took over the Batten Kill Railroad in Washington County. He's owned it for two decades and still hasn't turned a profit. But he did turn the nearly dead line into an active transportation method for 40,000 tons of feed, fertilizer and logs.

It's not just the business that's a challenge. Ron got polio when he was two years old. He's used a leg brace or crutches for most of his life. That makes getting in and out of the train pretty difficult. But he was, that's where owning his own line comes in handy...  Go to full article

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