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News stories tagged with "beaver"

Natural Selections: Trees and Fungus

When beavers flood an area, the trees die off. After they leave, why don't the trees come back? As Dr. Curt Stager explains, the flooding kills off a fungus crucial to the growth of spruce. The trees can't return until voles or other vectors reinfect the soil. This and more on trees and fungus with host Martha Foley.  Go to full article

APA Sets New Guidelines for Beaver Control

With the decline of trapping, the north country's beaver population has rebounded dramatically. The animals are an important part of the region's wildlife--but they're also a nuisance for government agencies and many private landowners. The Adirondack Park Agency is establishing new guidelines for people dealing with beavers and the flooding caused by their dams. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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