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7th grader Kerrigan Mahoney helped organize a talent show to raise money for her school.
7th grader Kerrigan Mahoney helped organize a talent show to raise money for her school.

Students show talent to fight for the arts

The latest Siena College poll found Governor Cuomo enjoying the support of near three-quarters of New Yorkers even after his austerity budget cut $1.2 billion to schools. Now reality's setting in as districts finalize their budget plans. And in many North Country districts, the news is ugly, with teacher layoffs and program cuts the norm.

The news is so bad, students themselves are fighting back. Today we have two stories from opposite ends of the region. We start in Croghan in Lewis County, where the Beaver River school district may cut or reduce a third of its staff, including several music and art teachers. Students organized a talent show last night to raise money. David Sommerstein was there.  Go to full article

New Owners Save Lewis County Plants

The Lewis County timber industry received a small flurry of good news this week. Yesterday a Texas company announced it purchased a wood-fired power plant in Lyonsdale. The day before an Italian papermaker agreed to buy the LTX Fibre mill in Beaver Falls. David Sommerstein has details.  Go to full article

LTX Fiber to Reopen Beaver Falls Paper Mill

There was another bit of good news yesterday for the ailing North Country paper industry. State officials announced the purchase of the Beaver Falls paper mill near the Lewis County village of Croghan. David Sommerstein has the details.  Go to full article

Fibremark Hopes to Reopen Beaver Falls Mill

The Fibremark plant, founded last year by a Canton native, was formed with the express intent of moving into the now closed Beaver Falls mill. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

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