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"Whirligig" water beetles. Photo: <a href="">Zen Sutherland</a>, CC some rights reserved
"Whirligig" water beetles. Photo: Zen Sutherland, CC some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Whirligig Beetles

Watching whirligig water beetles, found in circling clumps on the surface of calm fresh water, is a favorite childhood activity of many, including one-time child Martha Foley. Dr. Curt Stager explains the method behind their madcap collective behavior. (Note: Dr. William Romey teaches at SUNY Potsdam.)  Go to full article
Emerald ash borer
Emerald ash borer

Keeping out some nasty, wood-eating invaders

State environmental officials are warning people about bringing firewood srom down-state to camps and campgrounds in the North Country. As Jonathan Brown reports, the concern is over some destructive insects hitching rides in firewood and spreading across the northeast and into Canada.  Go to full article

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