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Betty Little out of NY 21

State Senator Betty Little confirmed yesterday that she won't seek the North Country's House seat. The Republican from Queensbury says she intends to run again for the state senate.  Go to full article
Even the state police, their communication level in the North Country is not where it is in the rest of the state.

Cell and broadband service still lag behind in North Country, Sen. Little says

State Senator Betty Little sounded a familiar note Tuesday when she called for big gaps in cell phone and internet service in the North Country to be closed--for safety's sake and for the economy.  Go to full article
State Senator Betty Little at the event. Photo: Jon Lundin, ORDA
State Senator Betty Little at the event. Photo: Jon Lundin, ORDA

"New York Remembers" exhibit commemorates 9/11 in Lake Placid

Museums, government buildings, and college campuses across New York state, are hosting a special exhibit memorializing the Sept. 11 attacks.

30 sites are displaying "New York Remembers." The exhibit features artifacts from the terrorist attacks, including rescue equipment, pieces of the World Trade Center buildings, and other items from ground zero.

The Olympic Center in Lake Placid is hosting one of the exhibitions. Chris Morris was at a special ceremony at the exhibit earlier this week and has this report...  Go to full article

Cuomo-GOP alliance benefits both

There was a bit of a love fest last month in Potsdam, as State Senator Betty Little, a Republican from Queensbury, introduced Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Democrat. Good things are happening in Albany, the senator indicated, because of the Cuomo's leadership over the first six months of his term.

As Albany reporter Karen DeWitt reports, the Democratic governor and Senate Republicans have a mutual interest in keeping their alliance strong.  Go to full article
If somebody was homeless, they’re not going to be counted at all.

State Sen. Betty Little talks prisoners and redistricting

The battle over legislative redistricting in New York is heating up as lawmakers have begun the process of reshaping electoral districts following last year's census.

In a development that hits close to home in the North Country...a redistricting task force announced last week it would ignore a law requiring prison inmates to be counted at their last known address, raising the ire of some civil rights groups.

The law passed in 2010 when Democrats controlled both legislative houses and the governor's mansion. The measure has since been challenged in court by nine Republican state senators.

Betty Little is a plaintiff in that lawsuit. She spoke with Chris Morris.  Go to full article

Sen Little: Painful budget will stress schools, nursing homes, prisons

The North Country is still sorting through the impact of Governor Cuomo's austerity budget, which will mean tens of millions of dollars in cuts to the region's schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Brian Mann checked in yesterday with state Senator Betty Little from Queensbury, who praised the governor for rejecting any new taxes.  Go to full article
Let's avoid a situation where it’s already a done deal and over with and the communities have no recourse.

Hearings begin on slashing prison budget

Lawmakers held their first hearing on the state prison budget yesterday in Albany. Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to shrink the state's prison system by 3,500 beds, closing up to 10 state prisons.

As Karen Dewitt reports, the hearing offered critics of the plan their first chance to push back against further downsizing.  Go to full article
Senator Little
Senator Little

Sen. Little: State budget politically motivated, but praise for Gov. Paterson

State Senator Betty Little says the budget chaos in Albany has been brutal for the North Country - with more spending for more programs shifting to communities downstate.

But she gave Governor David Paterson high marks for promising to veto additional deficit spending proposed by Democrats in the legislature.

Senator Little spoke yesterday with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Momentum builds for Adirondack economic zone

A movement to establish an economic zone uniting the Adirondack Park is gaining momentum and encouraging new cooperation. A new caucus of the region's Albany lawmakers has reached out beyond party lines, and the economic zone could be an early success.

It won key approval last week from a broad coalition of elected officials, environmental groups and community activists. Chris Morris reports.  Go to full article

NC votes part of changing dynamics on same sex marruage

As we heard in Karen DeWitt's story - this is not the first time New York's Assembly has debated -- or passed -- a same sex marriage bill. But Democratic control of the Senate gives yesterday's vote new significance - and there were both somber and fiery moments as the Assembly members rose to speak. Martha Foley talks with Brian Mann about how the votes of North Country representatives in the Assembly and Senate factor into the changing dynamics.  Go to full article

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