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Does Rt. 86 need a safer shoulder for bicyclists?  (Photo:  Susan Waters)
Does Rt. 86 need a safer shoulder for bicyclists? (Photo: Susan Waters)

DOT rejects bike lane on popular Tri-Lakes Route 86, cyclists ask for safe shoulder

The state has already said no to bike lanes on state Route 86 between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Now, cycling advocates are petitioning the state to create a usable shoulder when transportation crews repave the highway later this spring. Chris Morris reports.  Go to full article

On the road with Radio Bob

NCPR's Radio Bob is cycling to Cape Cod again this summer. Why? Well, even Bob's not sure. You can follow his journey via our community blog, "All In". In the meantime, Todd Moe spoke with Bob from Clifton Park, north of Albany, as he began his fourth day on the road.  Go to full article
Dianne Cox says promoting safe biking is in everyone's best interest
Dianne Cox says promoting safe biking is in everyone's best interest

Ottawa bicyclists face woes and set goals

Bike season may be winding down, but it was a contentious one in parts of Ontario this year. A number of traumatic accidents made headline news, intensifying public debate about blame, safety and possible remedies. Lucy Martin spoke with a cycling advocate in Ottawa who thinks improving bike safety is in everyone's best interest, even though there's still no general agreement about what the best solutions may be.  Go to full article

Radio Bob live from Provincetown

After a week on the road, and more than 500 cycling miles, NCPR's Bob Sauter has made it to Provincetown. The bike trip from Canton to Cape Cod was a lifelong goal. He spoke with Todd Moe after a good night's rest.  Go to full article

More tales from the road with Radio Bob

NCPR's Bob Sauter is on his way, via bicycle, from Canton to Cape Cod. Why? Just for the fun of it. Todd Moe spoke with him as he made his way through the Berkshires in western Massachusetts.  Go to full article

Radio Bob's summer biking adventure

NCPR's station engineer and the host of the Radio Bob Show is biking to the balmy beaches of Cape Cod this week. Bob Sauter is living out a long-term dream of transporting himself using muscle power. Todd Moe spoke with him by cell phone this morning as he was biking along the Mohawk River near Nelliston, NY.  Go to full article

Heard UpNorth: Canadian cyclists love the North Country

Canadian tourists continue to flex their strong dollar in the US. Almost 40 cyclists from north of the border are also flexing their calf muscles this week in the North Country. On today's Heard Up North, we hear from a couple members of the Cross Canada Cycle Touring Society who are spreading the word about great riding and great people here in the North Country.  Go to full article

Bike Commuters Coast Through Winter Weather

By the first snowfall, most of us have long ago put our bicycles away. But in every city, there are a few die-hard souls who keep pedaling all winter long. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly offers a profile of the winter cyclist.  Go to full article

On The Road: Bicycling In the Adirondacks

With the Lake Placid Ironman grabbing headlines recently, the Adirondacks can feel like a place for hard-core athletes to test their strength and endurance. But the mountains are also home to a lot of people who want an outdoor experience, without the grueling pace. Brian Mann went for a leisurely road-bike trip in the Glenn, near Jay. He sends this audio postcard:  Go to full article

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