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News stories tagged with "bicycles"

Lucy Martin took this trike  model out for a spin. Photo by Craig Miller
Lucy Martin took this trike model out for a spin. Photo by Craig Miller

Pedaling while reclining

Bicycles are about as green as you can get. They're economical and provide great exercise. But a lot of people draw the line at hunching over those skinny, hard seats. But as Lucy Martin reports, there's more than one way to ride, whatever your age or size.  Go to full article

Spitzer to referee Canton road dispute?

A group of residents are taking on the state department of transportation over a proposed middle turning lane on Route 11 in the village of Canton. The stretch in question is a tree-lined residential neighborhood of historic homes. Residents are trying to get Governor Spitzer's attention when he visits Potsdam next week. As David Sommerstein reports, word is they've already succeeded.  Go to full article
SLU senior Kira Krumhansl on one of the "Green Bikes"
SLU senior Kira Krumhansl on one of the "Green Bikes"

New Bikes Promote Pedal Power at SLU

Students at St. Lawrence University can check out books and bicycles at the library this year. Modeled on bike loan programs that are common in cities, the "Green Bikes" program is unique in that it uses the campus library as the check-out point. A pilot bike loan program began at SLU last year, but had difficulties because there was no good way to monitor use and returns. The student Environmental Awareness Organization bought 10 new bicycles this fall. Kira Krumhansl, one of the student organizers of the "Green Bikes" program, tells Todd Moe that the idea is a hit on campus.  Go to full article

Valet Parking for Cyclists in Burlington

Cyclists will get a place to park their bikes at major events in Burlington this summer. But there's a twist. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

Bike Co-op Pedals Self Sufficiency

When it comes to bicycles, many of us are weekend warriors. The thought of riding a bike to work is intimidating, especially given the chance it might break down. Now, some cycling advocates are helping ordinary people become amateur bike mechanics. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly visited a community-run repair shop and has this report.  Go to full article

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