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News stories tagged with "bioterrorism"

Food Tracking Gaining Steam?

On the heels of the discovery of mad cow disease in the U.S., North Country Congressman John McHugh is among lawmakers calling for a national animal ID program to track meat. As David Sommerstein reports, similar technology may be the future in helping consumers know more about the food they eat.  Go to full article

Clinton Wants Federal Money to Protect Upstate Water Supplies

Senator Hillary Clinton says she wants federal money to be made available in the upcoming Bioterrorism Bill to help upstate communities protect their water supplies.  Go to full article

Emergency Preparedness Since 9/11

Much has changed since September 11th in the way local law enforcement agencies look at how they would face disaster in their communities. Many municipalities have updated or revised their emergency plans. New York's Senate Task Force on State and Local Emergency Preparedness held the first in a series of meetings in Albany last week. Jody Tosti reports North Country participants need more emergency personnel and better communication.  Go to full article

Legislature Extends Expiring laws

The state legislature decided to extend three expiring state laws for just one more week as talks snagged over a bill to prosecute bio-terrorism. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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