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Lake George's tourism transformation

The summer tourism season is slowly coming awake across the North Country. One of the big hotspots will be Lake George, which is in the middle of a building boom. Community leaders hope to see a kind of growth that will extend the village's visitor economy into the fall and winter months.  Go to full article

Lake George mayor toasts lake's water quality

The mayor of Lake George says he'll drink a glass of water from the lake. That in itself wouldn't ordinarily be much of a news story. But it's been slightly less than one year since thousands of gallons of raw sewage spewed into the Lake. Village mayor Robert Blais says it happened last July 4 weekend at Shepard Park, a popular swimming beach on Lake George. Blais says it was a blow to the community, which was barred from a favorite free beach. And many people in the area worried about their drinking water and their livelihoods. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

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