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Students in math class. Photo: <a href="">woodleywonderworks</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.
Students in math class. Photo: woodleywonderworks, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Why Common Core is having a rocky start

New York's hasty implementation of the Common Core curriculum has become a lightning rod for criticism statewide. Tomorrow state education commissioner John King is holding public meetings to address teachers' and parents' concerns in Schroon Lake and Plattsburgh.

Steve Todd has been visiting classrooms across St. Lawrence county to see firsthand the stumbles and successes of the new curriculum. Todd is assistant superintendent of instruction for St. Lawrence & Lewis BOCES.

He told David Sommerstein he's seen teachers and students alike "rolling up their sleeves" to get used to more rigorous classwork and more homework.  Go to full article
That's money and time that's taken away from instruction, and students, and...redirected for compliance purposes.

No Child Left Behind waiver could get money, time back in classrooms

State education officials announced Monday that New York will join 39 other states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico in seeking relief from some parts of the federal 'No Child Left Behind' law.

The Obama administration announced in August that states could apply for waivers that would mean--among other things--that tests would not have to show 100% student proficiency in math and English by 2014.  Go to full article

Heard up North: Career Day

1500 high school students from around St Lawrence County came to Cheel Arena in Potsdam on Wednesday for the 12th Annual "Gateways to Careers" event. 88 employers were represented - from hospitals to hair salons to the armed forces (NCPR also had a booth). The focus was the students, of course, helping them practice job interviews and maybe find a career, but there was a fair amount of jockeying among employers too. Some offered pens and pencils with their logo, others offered notepads, but the US Post Office actually had a real mail truck parked next to their booth. As well as a curious old fashioned video...

Gregory Warner spoke to employers and high schoolers at the event.  Go to full article

Are Schools Making the Special Ed Grade?

This week, we've thought a lot about special education. About mainstreaming and inclusion. About how schools and families struggle to fulfill the mandate of federal law: that all students must receive the best education possible, in the least restrictive setting possible. The pathways vary from student to student, school district to school district. It's hard to say this is right, that is wrong. But this IS school, in an era of standardized measurement, and accountability. Parallel to all the tests kids take is another set of measurements tracking how schools are doing. It's based on outcomes. How the clients did... the kids. Martha Foley spoke with Robert Shepherd, who's leading research into outcomes in New York State.  Go to full article

BOCES Cuts May Not Hurt Special Ed. Students

BOCES of Franklin, Essex and Hamilton counties will lay off nearly 30 special education teachers and teachers aids next year. The BOCES teaching staff provides support to kids with special needs in nine districts. As part of our ongoing series Disability Matters, Brian Mann spoke with Jan Fitzgerald about the cuts. She heads a statewide program based in Tupper Lake called Parent to Parent. Her son, John, is a student at Saranac Lake High School who receives one on one support from BOCES. Fitzgerald says she thinks special ed classes will see few actual changes with more teachers working directly for local districts.  Go to full article

BOCES Day Care Center in Norwood to Close

In St. Lawrence County, BOCES is closing a day care center in Norwood next month. The Happy Day Child Care Center first opened in 1992. Another BOCES child care center in Ogdensburg was closed last year. Greg Warner reports.  Go to full article

BOCES Voc-Tech Training Popular, But Costs Draw Fire

On May 17, voters will decide whether to approve budgets for their local school districts. In many communities, one controversial cost is funding for BOCES. Board of Cooperative Educational Services chapters help public schools provide vocational training and support for children with disabilities. The program is especially popular in small, rural districts. But as Brian Mann reports, some district leaders complain that BOCES is charging too much for administration costs and salaries.  Go to full article
SUNY Potsdam will officially dedicate the O'Shaughnessy Center for Assistive Technology on Friday at 4 p.m. in Satterlee Hall in memory of faculty member Tom O'Shaughnessy.
SUNY Potsdam will officially dedicate the O'Shaughnessy Center for Assistive Technology on Friday at 4 p.m. in Satterlee Hall in memory of faculty member Tom O'Shaughnessy.

SUNY Potsdam to Dedicate Center for Assistive Technology

The official dedication of the Thomas O'Shaughnessy Center for Assistive Technology at SUNY-Potsdam is Friday afternoon (4 pm) in Satterlee Hall. Tom O'Shaughnessy taught in the School of Education at Potsdam from 1979 until his death in 2002. He was well known for his expertise in assistive technology and his work with special education teachers and children in the North Country. The new center will provide special technology for students with physical and learning disabilities. Linda Reece is an Occupation Therapist for the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
Craig Young
Craig Young

Getting a Job: A Success Story

Up to 70% of disabled Americans of working age are unemployed. Two-thirds of those unemployed say they want to work. But barriers to employment include accessibility of worksites, under-education, and public misperceptions about how capable people with disabilities are. And employers don't have time to devote to extra training some people may need. Craig Young is a success story...he's 20 years old, and store manager at the Family Dollar in Gouverneur. He says he couldn't have imagined holding the job a year ago. Greg Warner has his story.  Go to full article
Courtney Perkins (top), Jessica Goesthlaw and Susan Hendershot (bottom, L to R) want to see their BOCES programs continue.
Courtney Perkins (top), Jessica Goesthlaw and Susan Hendershot (bottom, L to R) want to see their BOCES programs continue.

School Budgeting in Uncertainty

Educators in New York were breathing a sigh of relief last week when state leaders added more than 400 million dollars for schools to the state budget. Today New Yorkers vote on school budgets in their districts. But all of them were crafted well before the extra education money was announced. Many include high property tax increases and deep program cuts. That may change over the summer, but schools are struggling to provide quality education for all students when their funding is a guessing game. David Sommerstein reports on two programs in Franklin County.  Go to full article

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